Band photo copyright Denis Charmot 2013 - click to enlarge

  • 27/12/2013: The Mutants - update

Charlie Harper has already laid down some vocals for The Mutants' 'Rhythm and Punk Review' album which is due to be released in April 2014. There is now a Facebook page for you to 'like', in order to keep bang up to date with the latest news regarding this exciting release...
Go to:

See below - 6th June - for previous news story and link re this project

  • 23/12/2013: Exclusive T&M xmas message & photo from Charlie 

U.K. Subs frontman Mr Charlie Harper has sent a special Xmas message for all the U.K. Subs fans worldwide, exclusive to the Time & Matter website.

Once again, we have twisted Yuko's arm to take an exclusive 'funny festive photo' to accompany Charlie's merry missive! 
Click here to read and see it

  • 15/12/2013: Captain Oi! Pic Disc Update

There are less than 75 copies of the 250 limited edition package deal for the 'Work In Progress' and 'XXIV' picture discs left... Be quick - order NOW for Xmas!

Full story archived on T&M HERE

  • 14/12/2013: Vinyl repress and 2014 calendar

TONIGHT! The U.K. Subs play their last gig of 2013.
See you at the Garage in London :-)
It's been another great year for the Subs, tonight's show is the band's 99th gig of the year in which 14 countries have been played in... ON TOUR FOREVER!!!

  • 12/12/2013: U.K. Subs Full Band Statement (re the 8/12/13 gig in Ashton under Lyne)

Following on from the recent individual Facebook statements from Charlie, Alvin and Jamie, which seem to have satisfied most people but not all, the band would like to further point out that we had no knowledge about Pressure 28s dubious singer and his racist past until various pieces of evidence were sent to us over the last few days indicating this band was not all they seemed after all. In order then to put this crazy notion that we are Nazi sympathetic to rest once and for all, please note that the U.K. Subs have instructed their UK and European gig booking agents to implement a blanket policy forthwith that all Subs' promoters must vet the support bands they provide to make sure they are in no way affiliated to any right wing organisations and that they have no record of spreading race hate or Nazi ideology either via their music or on their websites. If we discover a band has been offered to share a bill with us that fits this description we will refuse to perform with them and demand their replacement with a suitable group who share the same ideals as the U.K. Subs.

The band's collective and avowed policy is that we are, and always have been, and always will be an Anti-Nazi, Anti-racist band.

Charlie, Jet, Alvin, Jamie: U.K. Subs 12-12-2013.

  • 19/11/2013: T&M 7" repress sells out and more charity auctions...

The third and final pressing of Too Much Reality has sold out and is now only available on the merch desk at U.K. Subs and The Damned gigs. Thank you to everyone who bought a copy.
Read the full news story archived on T&M HERE

  • 12/11/2013: Vinyl repress and 2014 calendar

Time & Matter Records are delighted to announce that the third and final repressing of Charlie Harper and Captain Sensible's 'Too Much Reality' EP on 7" single will be available on CLEAR VINYL on Monday 18th November 2013 from 6pm.
This final run will again be limited to 250 copies and hand numbered, but this time will include a free postcard which carries its own T&M catalogue number: T&M 009-P.
Time & Matter Recordings will also have available on the same date, the OFFICIAL U.K. SUBS 2014 CALENDAR, which marks our tenth release: catalogue number T&M 010.
OFFICIAL U.K. SUBS 2014 CALENDAR: £6-00 (plus £1-99 UK postage)
CHARLIE & THE CAPTAIN CLEAR VINYL 7": £6-00 (plus £1-99 UK postage)
THERE IS FREE POSTAGE ON MORE THAN ONE ITEM ORDERED, so if you order both of the above, you only pay £1-99 postage...
Full story archived on T&M HERE

  • 30/10/2013: Motörhead date cancelled

The U.K. Subs were due to support Motörhead on Sunday 17th November at the Brixton Academy in London. However, Motörhead have postponed all scheduled dates as per the below statement:

10/29/2013 - Personal message from Lemmy. European tour postponed.

I have to sadly let you know that Motörhead has had to postpone the forthcoming European tour until early next year, 2014. We have made the decision because I am not quite ready to hit the road yet, and am working my way back to full fitness and rude health. Don't worry - I'm not about to start promoting veganism and alcohol-free beverages, but it is fair to say that I personally have been reconfiguring areas of my life to make sure I can come back fitter and stronger than ever. It disappointed me tremendously to have to say I wasn't quite ready to hit the road yet, but not nearly as much as it would've disappointed me to go out, play some average shows and watch my health give way long before the tour was over! When people come to see a Motörhead tour, they expect a Motörhead show, and that is exactly what you will get as soon as I am fit and ready to rumble. 
Your patience and understanding is appreciated...and know that I'm getting stronger and stronger every day, so watch out next spring Europe and we will see you then.

Thank you all,


The tour is scheduled to restart in February. Fans, keep your tickets and check back with for further details in the coming weeks.

  • 21/10/2013: Riot LP available from Captain Oi!

Captain Oi! Records have a limited number of vinyl copies for sale of the recently re-released RIOT LP from the Czech Republic. This is the first time the album has been released on vinyl ever!



  • 09/10/2013: Official Merch Update

The U.K. Subs' official merchandiser Mainstage Merch have recently added some great new items to their high quality range of official U.K. Subs merchandise. Both the U.K. SUBS HARRINGTON JACKET and the 'BORN A ROCKER' T-SHIRT look absolutely superb, and would make ideal early Xmas presents for yourself or that Subs fan you love or know!
U.K. Subs Harrington Jacket- £39-99 - click here
U.K. Subs 'Born A Rocker' Mens T-shirt - £14-99 - click here
U.K. Subs 'Born A Rocker' Ladies T-shirt £14-99 - click here

Full news story archived on T&M HERE


  • 06/10/2013: First 'Too Much Reality' promo makes over £50 for R.N.L.I.

Our first charity auction has raised a further £54-55 for Charlie's current charitable cause - the R.N.L.I.
Full news story archived HERE

  • 01/10/2013: Rare unseen footage of the Subs in 1979 uploaded to YouTube

An amazing 14 videos have been uploaded to YouTube by Gary Brown featuring previously unseen and unknown footage of the UK Subs in Colne during their two gigs there in 1979. The first 10 are from the 5th July gig at the Union Hotel, and the other 4 are from the 8th October gig. The former features the Subs playing live on stage, the latter show the Subs arriving at the venue.

View all the 5th July footage HERE
View all the 8th October footage HERE

  • 28/09/2013: Too Much Reality Promos acutioned for charity

This weekend will see the first of our charity auctions raising more money for the R.N.L.I, the first of which will be Promo Copies of the first pressing of Too Much Reality on cream and purple splatter vinyl.

Each copy is marked 'PROMO' where the individual number goes and includes a copy of the press sheet.

The auction will be on Ebay via the T&M charity seller account tandmrecordingsu.k.subscharityauctions.

  • 26/09/2013: Jet to play extra Japanese gig

With the U.K. Subs' successful tour of Japan recently completed in Tokyo on the 23rd September, Subs guitarist JET is remaining there for a few weeks and has organised a new band to play another gig, in which Jet will be performing with some of his old school friends!

The band is called JET AND FRIENDS, and they will be playing the songs that Jet wrote on the last two U.K. Subs albums "Work In Progress" and "XXIV", as well as a selection of other songs!

The gig is on Sunday, September 29th at the Club Sonic Mito, Ibaraki, Japan.

  • 25/09/2013: New Alvin Gibbs interview!

The brand new issue - number 20 - of 'D.I.Y. punk fanzine' POSITIVE CREED is out now and features a 4 page interview with U.K. Subs bassman Alvin Gibbs.

The 'zine is available from PO Box 777, Exeter, EX1 9TU, England and costs a fantastic value for money £1-00 only! 
Full purchasing details - CLICK HERE

  • 24/09/2013: Final Vinyl Repress of 'Too Much Reality'

Time & Matter Records will be doing one final repress of Charlie Harper and Captain Sensible's 'Too Much Reality' EP on 7" single. The third and final run will be on clear vinyl and again be limited to 250 copies.

  • 17/09/2013: Nicky Garratt's new band release album

Ex-U.K. Subs guitarist NICKY GARRATT'S new band HEDERSLEBEN have a brand new 5 track album released today. It is currently only available as a digital download album and is available from the band's website, where you can also stream the new tracks.
The LP vinyl and CD versions are due out on the 7th October...
Full news story with purchasing links - CLICK HERE

  • 16/09/2013: Japanese Relief Fund - Thanks again Subs Fans!

The U.K. Subs visited Ishinomaki today, which is approxiamately 65 miles up the coast from where the Fukushima nuclear disaster followed on from the Japanese earthquake/tsunami in March 2011

Yuko has since had a 'Japanese earthquake relief fund' donation box on her merchandise stall at every Subs gig since that terrible period in 2011 and the U.K. Subs today had their picture taken where the names are on the wall of the people who have donated to help the Ishinomaki area.

Full news story and photos archived on T&M HERE

  • 13/09/2013: Charlie features in new Punk Doc

U.K. Subs mainman Mr Harper features in the new documentary film called 
THE BIRTH OF ANARCHY: PUNK '76'. The film is in cinemas from 18th September 2013.

Film Blurb:
"Sex, Drugs, Fashion & Rock 'n' Roll. London '76 - every ingredient was present for the cultural and musical Molotov cocktail that was about to explode as Punk. Following its UK cinema release, this brand new documentary explores punk's beginnings at 430 Kings Road, London, the SEX shop of punk's 'enfant terrible' pair of Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood. SEX was the melting pot that spawned the punk movement and its cultural vanguard - The Sex Pistols. Featuring major contributions from Tony James, Gene October, Jon Savage, Glen Matlock, Jah Wobble, Caroline Coon, Steve Severin, Charlie Harper, plus archive performances from some of Punk's early London bands, this is one of the great stories of British music in the 20th Century."

Full news story with film trailer and DVD purchase links - click here

  • 12/09/2013: U.K. Subs Pic Discs & More Exciting News From Captain Oi!

Mark Brennan / Captain Oi! Records have confirmed to T&M that the label are planning to do Picture Disc vinyl editions of the last two U.K. Subs albums ‘XXIV’ and ‘Work In Progress’. 
Full details archived on T&M HERE

  • 11/09/2013: Subs Singles Boxset in the Captain Oi! Summer Sale

The UK SUBS, THE SKIDS & THE RAMONES' box sets have been added to the Captain Oi! Summer Sale. Previously £12.99, these 2 CD Deluxe Box Sets are now £10.99 including UK Delivery. Only available at that price this week!! The sale ends this Sunday 15th September. 
Full news story with purchasing links - CLICK HERE

  • 08/09/2013: Left Of The Dial website review of 'Too Much Reality'

Check out the fabulous review of the new Charlie Harper & Captain Sensible E.P 'Too Much Reality' by the splendid David Ensminger on his Left Of The Dial website...


Archived on T&M HERE! 

  • 05/09/2013: Australia / New Zealand tour cancelled

Unfortunately,  the upcoming UK SUBS tour of Australia and New Zealand has been cancelled.

  • 02/09/2013: Charlie/Captain mail-order vinyl repress sells out in a few hours

The repress of the Charlie Harper & Captain Sensible 'Too Much Reality' 7" vinyl E.P was available to purchase via mail-order today but sold out in a few hours.

Limited to 250 copies again, the colours were reversed from the first release...

Vinyl copies are now only available on the U.K. Subs and Damned merch desks at forthcoming gigs, as well as the 'Punk Rock Shop' online.
A massive thank you to everyone who's bought copies and supported this release.
Full news story archived on T&M HERE

  • 29/08/2013: Nicky Garratt news  

Ex-U.K. Subs guitarist Nicky Garratt has formed a new 'Krautrock' band called HEDERSLEBEN.
There is a track available to download now, entitled 'Der Donnervogel', which is taken from the forthcoming album that will be called 'Upgoer'.
Nicky (as well as ex-Subs drummer Jason Willer) also feature on the new Nik Turner single, of which you can read more, and see the viseo on the full news story archived on T&M HERE


The repress of the Charlie Harper & Captain Sensible 'Too Much Reality' 7"TOO MUCH! vinyl E.P will be available to purchase from Monday the 2nd of September.

Limited to 250 copies again, but with the colours reversed from the first release, it can be bought via the Time & Matter Recordings big cartel shop or from Yuko on the U.K. Subs merch desk.

We are also now stocking the new Monica & The Explosion 'Keep It Alive!' album plus The Straps' 'Brave New Anger' album, featuring Pete Davies on drums.

Postage is only charged for the biggest item, any additional items ordered at the same time and posted to the same address are posted free of charge!!!

  • 25/08/2013: Charlie & Captain EP reviewed on Fungalpunk website

The fabulous Fungalpunk website has reviewed the new Charlie Harper/Captain Sensible EP:
"The Sci-fi subtleties, the rhythmic rebirth almost like a rapture and somehow a level of success is found away from what one would normally expect..."

Read the original review - CLICK HERE

Full review also archived on T&M HERE

  • 19/08/2013: Charlie on CBGBs on the Vive Le Rock website

As a taster for the new (14th) issue of Vive Le Rock magazine, about to hit newsagents this week, their website has published an exclusive chat with Charlie about his experiences of the "birthplace of New York Punk"...
Full news story (and Charlie's interview) archived on T&M HERE

  • 14/08/2013: New gig added to the Australian tour

The forthcoming tour to Australia has had the following gig added:
30th September: Hamilton Station Hotel, Newcastle, Australia 

  • 13/08/2013: Pete Davies on the radio Friday

Ex-Subs drummer Pete Davies - now with the reformed Straps, will be appearing on North East Radio 'Drive-time' on Friday 16th August. Internet radio link here


Charlie Harper & Captain Sensible will be signing copies of their new EP at the UK Subs merch desk today at the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool from 3pm. The Subs are playing tomorrow, and there is also an App you can keep up to date with all things happening in Blackpool HERE

  • 09/08/2013: U.K. Subs cartoon

Pagès Botifarra has done a U.K. Subs cartoon... check out further cartoons of other punk bands on their Facebook page - CLICK HERE
View the Subs cartoon HERE


Ex-Subs drummer Pete Davies, now with the re-formed Straps, have their new album out on Flicknife Records this week.
Full details available HERE

  • 04/08/2013: T&M 009 VINYL RE-PRESS

Time & Matter Records will, due to the unforeseen demand, be doing a further pressing of 250 copies of the 7" splatter vinyl version of the Charlie Harper & Captain Sensible E.P. 'Too Much Reality'.


  • 03/08/2013: Suspect Device Review of T&M 009

The fab Hampshire based punk fanzine SUSPECT DEVICE has given the new Charlie Harper E.P. a great review: CLICK HERE
Archived on T&M HERE

  • 02/08/2013: Captain Oi! Summer Sale

The Captain Oi! SUMMER SALE is back!!!  8 U.K. Subs CDs are included...
All single CDs including Digi-Paks are just £6.99 INCLUDING FREE UK Delivery...
That's £3.00 off each CD :-)
Find every direct link on the full news story HERE

  • 30/07/2013: Captain Sensible on 'Too Much Reality'

Captain Sensible has commented on the 'Too Much Reality' E.P. on his Facebook page...

Click here to read his thoughts...

  • 29/07/2013: ALL T&M online shop copies of the new Charlie E.P GONE!

We've sold out of the 7" vinyl!
That's 150 copies gone in 20 hours...
However, Charlie & Yuko will have the final 100 copies for sale on the U.K. Subs Merch desk at the Rebellion Festival from 8th-11th August... 

  •  29/07/2013: Charlie & the Captain E.P. - another top review

The superb Uber Rock website has today published a review of the 'Too Much Reality' E.P. by Dom Daley:

"Charlie and Captain have really knocked out an excellent EP with ‘Too Much Reality’, a recording that should be in great demand... Go hunt this down before they are all gone but remember you'll have to be quick."


Archived on T&M HERE:

  • 29/07/2013: U.K. Subs announce last ever Australian and New Zealand shows

It is with great pleasure (and sadness) that 'Punk Rock Road Trips' have today announced the final ever Australasian tour for the U.K. Subs. As their press release states: "Shame? You bet! But for all ye old faithful fans, this will be one last chance to catch this legendary band live in Australasia. And for those who have yet to see the 'Subs in action, don't die wondering'..."

The 9 date tour is from late September to early October as follows:

25: The Civic, Perth, Australia
26: The Bendigo, Melbourne, Australia
27: Enigma, Adelaide, Australia
28: Hermann’s Bar, Sydney, Australia
29: Magpies City Club, Canberra, Australia

02: Prince of Wales Hotel Nundah, Brisbane, Australia
03: Dux Live, Christchurch, New Zealand
04: Bodega, Wellington, New Zealand
05: The Kings Arms, Auckland, New Zealand

Australian tickets are on sale now.
New Zealand tickets will be on sale Thursday 15 August 2013, from, Cosmic Stores and Cosmic Online, Real Groovy Records, Slow Boat Records and RPM Records.
Please contact 'Punk Rock Road Trips' on Facebook for further details: CLICK HERE

  • 29/07/2013: U.K. Subs to tour Japan this September

The Subs will again be playing Japan, and the finalised dates in September 2013 have just been announced as follows:

14: AntiKnock, Tokyo, Japan
15: Live Garage Ogawaya, Hitachi, Japan
16: Blue Resistance, Ishinomaki, Japan
18: Junk Box, Nagano, Japan
19: Manier, Kanazawa, Japan
21: Kings Cross, Kobe, Japan
22: G-Side, Hamamatsu, Japan
23: Shinjuku Loft, Tokyo, Japan

  • 27/07/2013: Charlie & the Captain E.P. FIRST GREAT REVIEW! 

Thanks to the fabulous 'Nuzz Prowling Wolf' Blogsite for a corking first review:

"This EP is a mind blowing Punkadelic spaced out spiked up trip. A seventeen minute assault on the senses that really does take you to a place deep in space. Ignore at your peril!"

Click here to read the review

Archived on T&M HERE

  • 27/07/2013: New Charlie E.P. - Pictorial Preview Teaser!

We have published a selection of photos of the new Charlie Harper & Captain Sensible E.P. HERE

Check out the splatter vinyl, front and back sleeves and the labels folks!

  •  25/07/2013: How to get the 2 new vinyl XXIVs or both...




Captain Oi! are also doing a deal for people who want both. They can get them for £22 INCLUDING UK DELIVERY and the package deal is available HERE

Happy collecting!

Be quick folks! Each limited to 260...

  • 24/07/2013: Charlie Harper & Captain Sensible E.P. release date... set for Monday 29th July 2013.
Full news story archived on T&M HERE

  • 24/07/2013: 2 more XXIV colour vinyls out tomorrow (25/7/13)

There will be 2 new colour vinyl pressings of the XXIV album available from Captain Oi! Records.
They are 'sky blue' and 'splatter'!

Collectors please note that they are limited to 260 copies of each...

Be quick folks! Captain Oi! website - click here NOW!
Full story archived on T&M (with photo) HERE 

  • 23/07/2013: Charlie & Captain Sensible EP latest update

The Charlie Harper & Captain Sensible 'Too Much Reality' EP on both CD and vinyl has now arrived at T&M distribution.
Full news story archived on T&M HERE

  •  22/07/2013: Left Of The Dial website review of XXIV

There has been a late - but rather fabulous - review of the new U.K. Subs long-player by the splendid David Ensminger on his Left Of The Dial website...


Archived on T&M HERE!

  • 21/07/2013: New 'Too Much Reality E.P' track preview

Another taster of the Charlie Harper & Captain Sensible 'Too Much Reality E.P' is now available to watch via youtube. This time it's 'Kamera'!!!
Archived on T&M HERE

  • 18/07/2013: Pete Davies news - new Straps website

Regular readers of this website will know that ex-Subs drummer PETE DAVIES is now playing with the re-formed STRAPS.

The Straps have recently launched their own website.

The new album entitled 'Brave New Anger' will be launched at the forthcoming Rebellion Festival and you can check out all the latest news on downloads, gigs, recordings etc on the website:


  • 17/07/2013: Jet on the radio

U.K. Subs guitarist JET will be interviewed on tonight's (Wednesday 17th July 2013) Pelirocco Platters radio show hosted by Mick Habeshaw Robinson, which is broadcast by Radio Reverb, who are Brighton's Community Radio Station.
Jet has also hand-picked some of his favourite songs to play on the show.
Tune in at 6pm via 
The show is now available to listen to: CLICK HERE

Full news story (with photos) archived on T&M HERE 

  • 16/07/2013: XXIV review in 'Tattoo Life' magazine

There has recently been another great review of the Subs' latest long-player in the magazine 'Tattoo Life'...
Click here to read it

  • 15/07/2013: Left Of The Dial website review of 'Bonefield'

There has been a late - but rather fabulous - review of the recent Urban Dogs' 'Bonefield' album by the splendid David Ensminger on his Left Of The Dial website...


Archived on T&M HERE

  • 11/07/2013: Henry Rollins Top 20 Punk Albums

Former Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins has had his '20 Favourite Punk Albums' listed on the L.A. Weekly website, in which the Subs' debut album features on his list.
Click here to read more

  • 08/07/2013: New 'Too Much Reality E.P' track preview

Another taster of the Charlie Harper & Captain Sensible 'Too Much Reality E.P' is now available to watch via youtube. This time it's 'Human Traffic'!!!

Archived on T&M HERE

  • 02/07/2013: 2 new pressings of XXIV due soon...

Exciting news just in from Captain Oi! Records for all you Subs collecting nuts!
Due to numerous requests, there will be two further pressings of the XXIV album ready for the 22nd July 2013. 250 will be in another splatter effect, similar to the last pressing, and another in a shade of blue.
These 500 copies will be the FINAL conventional pressing of the album.

  • 01/07/2013: U.K. Subs Google Page!

Jonathan Hollins, otherwise known as 'John the Punk', of has designed a great 'U.K. Subs Google Page'.
Click here to read the full story and to install the page as your homepage...

  • 24/06/2013: New 'Too Much Reality E.P' track preview

Another taster of the Charlie Harper & Captain Sensible 'Too Much Reality E.P' is now available to watch via youtube. This time it's 'Space Virgins'!!!

Archived on T&M HERE

  • 20/06/2013: Official Merchandise update!

The official U.K. Subs merchandiser MAINSTAGE MERCH, have now added U.K. Subs Flat Caps and Patches to their range.
Full news story with photos and links archived on T&M HERE

  • 20/06/2013: Another great review of XXIV

The website-fanzine RAZORCAKE has posted a top review of the XXIV album.
Read it HERE.
Archived on T&M HERE

  • 18/06/2013: T&M 009 test pressings arrive and hear a clip of title track

The test pressings of the new Charlie Harper and Captain Sensible EP entitled 'Too Much Reality' have landed at T&M and you can read all the latest updates and watch a clip of the test pressing in action on the full news story archived on T&M HERE

  • 10/06/2013: Charlie records 2 tracks for 'Rhythm & Punk Review' album

On 30 May 2013, Charlie laid down two vocal tracks for an album project jointly partnered at the helm by Chris Constantinou and Paul Frazer. Together, under the name THE MUTANTS they are making an all star Punk/Ska Album called 'Rhythm and Punk Review' which features different singers / guest musicians from the late 70s Punk and Ska scene. Rat Scabies has played all the drums for the album and singers already involved on the album include Knox and Beki Bondage. More Guests and live shows will be announced in due course with the album due out next year.
Full news story, with more info and photos archived on T&M HERE

  • 08/06/2013: Charlie & Jamie guest with A-M-I

Charlie's grandson Marley Perez is lead vocalist  / rhythm guitarist with A-M-I, who played a gig in Brighton today. Charlie and Jamie joined the band onstage for a version of the Subs' classic song 'Emotional Blackmail'.
Check out the YouTube footage on the full news story archived on T&M HERE

  • 01/06/2013: Charlie appearing on BBC Shropshire tonight

Charlie is appearing on the Keith Middleton show on BBC Radio Shropshire tonight. He will be taking part in Keith's 'June Juxtaposition' where the other guest will be from the other end of the musical spectrum; Imagination's Errol Kennedy. To be part of the programme - call 08453 00 99 56, text 81333 (and start your message with the word 'Midlands', standard text charges will apply), email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
You can tune in from 10pm until 1am tonight at or listen again for the next 7 days.

  • 27/05/2013: New book features Charlie interview

PM Press have just published a fascinating book by American author David Ensminger entitled 'LEFT OF THE DIAL - Conversations with Punk Icons', which includes a substantial Charlie Harper interview. The book format is paperback and it runs to 296 pages.
Priced at $20.00 in the USA, the ISBN is 978-1-60486-641-4
Link to purchase from PM Press: CLICK HERE
To purchase in the UK or Europe, distribution is through Turnaround Distribution.
Priced at £14-99 - link to purchase from Turnaround: CLICK HERE
Full news story (with exclusive Subs pictures) archived on T&M HERE

  • 24/05/2013: 'Punk Essentials' compilation due out on vinyl

Recently, USA based record label Cleopatra Records released a new U.K. Subs compilation CD/DVD entitled 'Punk Essentials' on 9th April 2013 - see story below - and now the vinyl version is due out on June 6th 2013, see Cleopatra's release schedule HERE

Full news story archived on T&M HERE

  • 15/05/2013: New 'Barbies Dead' fanzine now out!

Issue 34 of the fab DIY fanzine 'Barbies Dead' is out now.
This is an 'old style' cut and paste zine with only a 50p cover price for 18 pages of punk mayhem and opinion.
'Barbies Dead' fanzine has now been running for years, and of particular interest to Subs fans in this issue is a review of 'XXIV' as well as the 'Original Punks Original Hits' CD, along with recollections of the Subs playing the Rock Garden, Middlesbrough in 1979. Give yourself a treat, and something different to peruse - this zine is always fun to read, and a bargain to boot!
COVER PRICE - ONLY 50 pence - (send three first class stamps to:)
Alex, Woodhouse, The Square, Gunnislake, Cornwall, PL18 9BW or e-mail Alex for further details at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Back issues are also available!
Full news story archived on T&M HERE

  • 14/05/2013: Pumpy back playing Subs songs!

Ex-U.K. Subs drummer Pumpy will be guesting for the U.K. Subs covers band CRASH COURSE for their forthcoming gig at The Crown in Littlehampton on Sunday 19 May. Crash Course are the next best thing to a night out with the UK Subs and they play many songs not currently played in the Subs set, so you are guarenteed a great sing-a-long evening of Subs-fun for sure! 
Check out Crash Course's Facebook page HERE
Pumpy's Facebook page HERE
The Crash Course gig with Pumpy Facebook page HERE

  • 13/05/2013: Charlie Harper & Captain Sensible new single news update

As previously reported on this website, Charlie Harper has recorded a four track EP with The Damned's legendary guitarist Captain Sensible.
Entitled the ‘Too Much Reality’ EP, the 'artist' title has just been confirmed as CHARLIE HARPER & CAPTAIN SENSIBLE, and the record will be released on our very own Time & Matter Records label with the running order being as follows:
1. ‘Too Much Reality’, 2. ‘Space Virgins’, 3. ‘Human Traffic’, 4. ‘Kamara'.
You can read much more about this release, including the mastering, run-out grooves, catalogue numbers, formats and much more on the full news story - achived on T&M HERE

  • 13/05/2013: Another good review for XXIV

Ozzyludo has sent us a copy of the review he wrote for La Mine fanzine plus some photos he took at the recent Zikenstock Festival, Le Cataeu (near Lille), France:
Translation underneath the original in French, Thanks Ozzy!
Read the review HERE

  • 12/05/2013: Pete Davies latest news - The Straps

Ex-Subs drummer Pete Davies was back recording the forthcoming album with The Straps, on Friday May 10th, at Pat Collier's studio, putting down some more tracks, making a total of 14 so far recorded for an album that the band hopes to see released at their Rebellion show in August.
Full news story archived on T&M HERE (with 4 photos from Pete of the session)

  • 08/05/2013: Paul Slack & The Penny Black Remedy news

Ex-Subs bassist Paul Slack is now playing with The Penny Black Remedy.
Please check out the band's excellent website HERE, where you can read about their forthcoming new album, featuring Paul, as well as their new single and upcoming tour dates...
Full news story archived on T&M HERE

  • 30/04/2013: Classic Rock magazine review of XXIV

The new issue of Classic Rock magazine, dated June 2013 features a review of the U.K. Subs' new album XXIV in which reviewer Paul Moody gives it 8 out of 10, concluding that XXIV has "...enough to make a younger generation of say-nothing musicians hang their heads in shame..."
Full story with the review archived on T&M HERE

  • 25/04/2013: Shellshock new single and video

U.K. Subs drummer Jamie Oliver also drums for SHELLSHOCK. They have a digital download-only single called 'Absent' available now. The video for 'Absent' was made public today and also appears on T&M - CLICK HERE

  • 24/04/2013: Charlie interviewed in new 'Vive Le Rock' magazine

The new issue of the brilliant VIVE LE ROCK magazine is now out, featuring a review of the Subs' new album XXIV as well as a brief chat with Charlie concerning the album and future plans in which he reveals the possible album titles for Y and Z !!!!
Full news story archived on T&M HERE

  • 23/04/2013: Steve Roberts news

Ex-Subs drummer Steve Roberts has recorded a new version of the classic Subs single 'Tomorrows Girls'. Full news story archived on T&M HERE

  • 20/04/2013: It's 'Record Store Day' Today!

Why not celebrate the glory of music on vinyl by treating yourself to the new UK Subs album 'XXIV' on vinyl...
There are now less than 100 copies left of this one-off black vinyl pressing.
For those unable to get to a record shop today, it's available to buy mail order from the Captain Oi! website.
To get hold of a copy - CLICK HERE
Full news story archived on T&M HERE

  • 19/04/2013: Another good review for XXIV

The 'New Noise Magazine' website has given XXIV a short good review!
Read the original full review - CLICK HERE
Full news story (& review) archived on T&M HERE

  • 17/04/2013: Vinyl Collectors Stop Press

Due to some unfulfilled PayPal payments, Mark Brennan at Caption Oi! has around 20 copies of this magnificent collectors item re-available for sale.
This offer is exclusive to the UK Subs Fan Club on Facebook (run by the T&M website), from where you can get full details...

Full news story archived on T&M HERE

  • 08/04/2013: Another great review for XXIV

The 'Mass Movement Magazine' website has given XXIV a thumbs up!
Read the original full review - CLICK HERE
Full news story (& review) archived on T&M HERE

  • 06/04/2013: Pete Davies latest news

Ex-Subs drummer Pete Davies has been doing some more recording with The Straps at Pat Collier's South London studio, to read about Pete's latest work including some other recording projects click HERE

  • 04/04/2013: Tri-colour XXIV package sells out in 24 hours!

See below news story for the details...

  • 03/04/2013: Tri-colour XXIV package out on Captain Oi!

An amazing Tri-colour vinyl edition of XXIV is available from today on Captain Oi!
Be quick Subs collectors, there's ONLY 180 of these beauties up for grabs!
Full news story archived on T&M HERE

  • 02/04/2013: Paul Slack on the radio

Ex-Subs bassist PAUL SLACK now plays with the fabulous 'The Penny Black Remedy.' You can hear an interview with Paul and TPBR on Radio Reverb tonight. The show starts from 6pm and the interview will be on around 7pm. The programme is available on fm and online. Check the link

Full news story with picture archived on T&M HERE

  • 31/03/2013: Nicky Garratt news

Ex-U.K. Subs guitarist Nicky Garratt is one of the many guests who will appear on the forthcoming Vibrators' album entitled 'On The Guest List', due out on Cleopatra Records on May 7, 2013.
The album boasts 16 tracks featuring "13 all new tunes written and recorded by founding Vibrators Knox and Eddie with longtime bassist Pete and engineered by original Vibrators bassist Pat Collier!"
Other guests include Brian James (The Damned), Wayne Kramer (MC5), Hugh Cornwell (The Stranglers), Campino (Die Toten Hosen) as well as Leonard Graves Phillips & Stan Lee (The Dickies).
Garratt appears on track 13 entitled The Ohio. Nicky, who's Vegan cookbook is about to land on bookshops' shelves will also be launching a Sci-Fi audio book website called Turn Back Dear Mortals.
Full news story with links archived on T&M HERE

  • 29/03/2013: Jamie in the new issue of Drummer magazine

U.K. Subs drummer Jamie Oliver appears in an advertising feature in this month's edition of Drummer magazine. The advertising feature is for Stagg cymbals and has a photo of the Subs' sticksman with a brief synopsis of Jamie's career.
Full news story with advert archived on T&M HERE

  • 28/03/2013: U.K. Subs article in Record Collector

The new issue of RECORD COLLECTOR Magazine is in the shops today, including an article on the U.K. Subs by Shane Baldwin. You can read the first few paragraphs of Shane Baldwin's article online, on the Record Collector Magazine website. Record Collector issue 413 - dated April 2013 - is available in all good newsagents and is priced at £4-00.
You can also buy it online from the magazine's website HERE
Full news story archived on T&M HERE

  • 26/03/2013: Two more Nicky Garratt articles to be published

Ex-Subs guitarist Nicky Garratt is due to have another two articles published in the USA publication Guitar Player Magazine.
Full news story archived on T&M HERE

  • 26/03/2013: Yet another great review of XXIV

The great reviews for XXIV keep rolling in, this time it's in the Italian online magazine Distorsioni.
You can read the article HERE and a translation HERE

  • 25/03/2013: 'Riot' album finally gets a vinyl release

The U.K. Subs' 1997 album 'Riot' is finally making an appearance on vinyl. Czech label PHR Records will be issuing it on LP on 31 May 2013, the catalogue number being PH127.
You can get in touch with them now to either pre-order or buy copies wholesale. Mark Brennan at Captain Oi! Records has told T&M that he has ordered 20 copies and will be selling them from the Captain Oi! website for ease and convenience. Price details will follow once we know...
Full news story archived on T&M HERE

  • 23/03/2013: Another great review for XXIV

The 'Street Voice UK' MySpace site review of the new album gives it 8 out of 10.
Read the original full review - CLICK HERE
Full news story (& review) archived on T&M HERE

  • 22/03/2013: Charlie reviews 10 new albums!

Charlie has done a quick review, with ratings, of 10 new albums for the German website 'Intro'.
Click here to read Charlie's thoughts on Local Natives, Concrete Knives, Blackmail, Buke and Gase, Bad Religion, Tomahawk, Voigt & Voigt, A$AP Rocky, grafzahl and Jeans Team.
The article also concludes with Charlie naming his 'all time fave' 'punk' tracks.
Reviews archived on T&M HERE

  • 21/03/2013: More Charlie interviews...

Charlie is due to be interviewed by The Rev Dr Clive Thomas Jackson, lead singer with former chart-toppers Doctor & The Medics, this Saturday (23/3/2013) for the Dr's Radio Show, which is called 'Schizophonic Sounds'. The interview will then be edited for broadcast on the show, which airs online, on TBFM every Monday from 9-11pm. T&M will confirm the actual broadcast date when we have further details. Charlie has also done a small interview for the ever brilliant Vive Le Rock magazine/website, although, again, we don't have a publication date as yet...
TBFM website - click here
Doctor & The Medics website - click here
Vive Le Rock website - click here

Full story archived with interview photo on T&M HERE

  • 20/03/2013: Superb new Charlie interview published today

Following on from his brilliant review of XXIV (see news story 12/3/2013), Pete, from the 'RingMaster Review' Blogsite has posted a really interesting interview with Charlie entitled 'Forever snarling: an interview with Charlie Harper of the UK Subs', which mainly details Charlie's thoughts on the new album.
Read the full interview - click here

Full news story archived on T&M HERE

  • 19/03/2013: Another top review for XXIV

Pete Craven on the 'Caught In The Crossfire' website concludes that the new UK Subs album is "...a definite cause for celebration."
Read the full review - click here
Full news story (& review) archived on T&M

  • 18/03/2013: Excellent new Charlie interview published today

You can read Mat Ward's interesting and wide ranging chat with Charlie about the new album, brilliant Aussie pies and poor barbies, the new Pope... and much more in the Australian alternative press publication 'Green Left Weekly'...
Click here to read
Full news story (& interview) archived on T&M HERE

  • 14/03/2013: Cleopatra to release U.K. Subs CD/DVD compilation

Following on from their recent vinyl re-issue of 'Endangered Species', USA based record label Cleopatra Records have a new U.K. Subs compilation CD/DVD entitled 'Punk Essentials' scheduled for release on 9th April 2013. The Cleopatra press release states that this release is "...a 28-track career spanning CD + BONUS DVD of essential tracks by UK punk heroes, UK Subs!! Features the signature guitar work of original Sub Nicky Garratt on such classics as “Stranglehold,” “Police State,” “Endangered Species” and more PLUS rare tracks such as a cover of Nirvana’s “Stay Away” and the previously unreleased UK Subs vs. The Damned version of “I Need A Life.”"
Full news story with CD cover picture archived on T&M HERE

  • 14/03/2013: review of XXIV

Petteri Pertola, editor of the website has awarded the new album 7½ out of 10 concluding that "It delivers old school punk with the original attitude and rebellious stance exactly as only the founders of the scene are able to do." However, the review doesn't take into account any of the acoustic tracks?
Read the full review - click here
Full news story (& review) archived on T&M HERE

  • 12/03/2013: Further accolades for the new album!

Pete, from the 'RingMaster Review' Blogsite has declared the new U.K. Subs album "an outstanding release from a band which others can still learn from and be inspired by..."
"With new album XXIV though, the band quite simply grips the reins of British punk tighter with a release which is quite sensational and easily an equal and fresh inspiration for all emerging young bucks."
Read the full review - CLICK HERE
Full news story archived on T&M HERE

  • 11/03/2013: Message from Jet!

Subs guitarist Jet has posted a message of thanks concerning the just completed European tour.
Click here to read the full news story...

  • 02/03/2013: Tribute song and video to the Subs and Charlie

F1RSTWAVE have today published a tribute video to Charlie and the U.K. Subs on YouTube.
Their tribute song is called 'Sub-versive'!
View it on YouTube HERE

  • 01/03/2013: Steve Roberts' new CD EP released

Ex-Subs drummer Steve Roberts, who now goes by the name Stevie ZeSuicide, has a 4 track CD released today in support of 'Love Music: Hate Racism' on Little London Records.
You can go to to hear a 4 minute sample medley of the tracks and order the 'Give Peace a Chance' CD, which is £4.99 plus p&p - every CD sold includes a donation to LMHR.
Full story archived on T&M HERE

  • 28/02/2013: Charlie & TV on the radio!

Charlie Harper and TV Smith appeared on 'Radio Nacionale 3' in Spain this afternoon.
Link to listen HERE

  • 28/02/2013: Nicky Garratt to write for T&M again!

Time & Matter is delighted to announce that Nicky has agreed to write some brand new articles for his popular T&M section 'Nicky Garratt's Guitar Notes!'
Nicky, who wrote 9 fascinating and informative pieces for T&M between August 2010 and January 2011, has been busy with a multitude of projects, including writing a vegan cookbook, but will be providing T&M with a diary of his time recording a new album with ex-Hawkwind founding member Nik Turner.
Full story archived on T&M HERE
Click here to read Part I of 'Hawkwind's Nik Turner & Nicky Garratt - 2013 diary'

  • 28/02/2013: Nicky Garratt new guitar articles published

Ex-U.K. Subs guitarist Nicky Garratt is currently writing articles for the American publication ‘Guitar Player Magazine’.
Full story archived on T&M HERE

  • 25/02/2013: Pete Davies news update

Ex-U.K. Subs drummer Pete Davies has spent the weekend just gone in the studio with The Straps recording their new album. Pete and The Straps have already recorded a number of songs at Pat Collier's studio on a couple of previous visits, in 2012 and in January 2013 with Pete telling T&M today that they now "...have 11 tracks awaiting final mixes and another couple under way..."
You can see 6 new photos of the Straps and Pete in the studio HERE
Previous Straps in the studio T&M coverage - click here

  • 25/02/2013: More lavish praise for the new album!

Kenny Helwig has given the new album 'XXIV' Subs-classic status!
"I have to say that Jet's playing is the best since Nicky by far. That is not to denigrate the others over the years, but Jet just has that something special that makes you stick out more...
...XXIV ranks up there with any of the first four UK Subs albums. This is that good. Please, Please, go out and buy this as you are purchasing history!"
Read Kenny's succinct, sharp and superb review on the 'Days Of Our Youth' Blog HERE.
Full news story archived on T&M HERE.

  • 24/02/2013: German Festival announcement!

The U.K. Subs will be playing at this year's 'Ruhrpott Rodeo' Festival near the 'Schwarze Heide' airfield in Hünxe, Germany on Saturday 18th May, with Black Flag and Bad Brains.

  • 24/02/2013: Bushell Podcast includes new Subs track from XXIV

Garry Bushell's latest podcast includes the opening song off the new UK Subs album XXIV.
The track, 'Implosion 77' also kicks off Bushell's Rancid Sounds Podcast.
Have a listen here:

  • 23/02/2013: Vinyl version of XXIV released by Captain Oi!

The initial limited pressing of XXIV is now available on the Captain Oi! website to order.
This black vinyl pressing is mail order only from the Captain Oi! website.
Euro shipping is an additional £3
Rest Of The World shipping is an additional £6
The link to go grab yourself a copy is: HERE

  • 22/02/2013: One more brilliant review of XXIV

Dave Fungalpunk reviews the new Subs album XXIV on his fabulous 'fungalpunknature' website and concludes that the "...the acoustic side... wins hands down!"

"It seems almost pointless telling you to buy this because I have no doubt it will sell like hot cakes - and so it should - a strong effort with a few weak points but much to pogo to, much to chill to, and much to appreciate. Y please!"
Read the full review on the Fungalpunk website - click here
Archived on T&M HERE

  • 20/02/2013: UK Subs to appear in forthcoming 'Record Collector'

Record Collector Magazine will feature a great article by Shane Baldwin on the UK Subs, with band interviews, in its April 2013 (number 413) edition which will be on sale from 28th March 2013.

  • 20/02/2013: Great review of the recent Hamburg gig

There's a top review of the Subs' recent gig in Hamburg by Alan Barding on the Louder Than War website:
"Yes, Charlie is officially a pensioner. But he defies science, somehow, to cut a formidable young figure, his energy still at ‘thrusting young buck’ level. It really is remarkable."
Read the full review - click here
Archived in full on T&M HERE

  • 20/02/2013: Subs to play Ärztivals in August

UK Subs will be a part of the Ärztivals from the well-known German punk band Die Ärzte.
They will be supporting in Coburg and Bremen with some other great bands.

22.08.2013 - Coburg -Schlossplatz (w/ BONAPARTE)
24.08.2013 - Bremen - Bürgerweide (w/ Katzenjammer & PASCOW)

Further details and tickets:

  • 20/02/2013: YET... another brilliant review of XXIV

Bones of the excellent REPEAT fanzine raves about just how good it is!
"This album truly is one of two halves and all the better for it. And, if the finishing line really is in sight, then they (and most specifically Charlie Harper) will leave an legacy that will be difficult to eclipse by any other UK band of whatever particular musical genre you care to mention..."
Click here to read the review in full
Archived on T&M HERE

  • 19/02/2013: XXIV Amazon download 

The Amazon download of XXIV is currently only £5-99.
Click here to visit Amazon's UK Subs XXIV download page

  • 19/02/2013: Yet another fabulous review of XXIV

Dom Daley, on the Uber Rock website, has given XXIV an absolutely brilliant review.
"From the superb quality packaging that houses this album to the grooves contained within, the UK Subs have once again left me lost for superlatives to lament about this album and for a writer that's not a good place to be. I only hope I've done it justice and whetted your appetite enough to convince you that one of the albums of the year is with us and and its name is 'XXIV' and to put it simply it's an absolute killer and you'd be a bit of a mug not to rush out and get involved because this shit is essential! An album bursting with variety, spirit, hope and, above all, great great music!"
Click here to read the review in full
Archived on T&M HERE

  • 19/02/2013: XXIV gets another top review from punkonline website

Another great review of XXIV on the punkonline website...
"Somebody said there is nothing quite like ‘XXIV’ in UK Subs long history of material - something which will categorically have me playing it over and over again..."
Click here to read the review in full
Archived on T&M HERE

  • 18/02/2013: Paul Slack's new Warhead!

As T&M previously reported back in October 2012, ex-Subs bassist Paul Slack has recorded a new version of the U.K. Subs classic song ‘Warhead’ with his friend Manu Castillo and his band Tio Manuel. The new version, which Paul has revealed is a completely different take on his legendary bass-line-led Subs version from over 30 years ago will appear on an EP, which will be available as a download in March and on vinyl in April. It will also be the opening track on the Tio Manuel album which will be entitled ‘4 Stones’, with the whole album available as a download in May.
Hear a sample of the new 'Warhead' HERE

Full story archived on T&M HERE

  • 18/02/2013: XXIV - Another fab review on the Nuzz Prowling Wolf Blogsite

Mark Nussey - otherwise known as Nuzz Prowling Wolf has given the new Subs album a storming review on his brilliant Blogsite, stating that, "with their fingers on the pulse the UK Subs are the beating punk rock heart..." and that XXIV is "up there with the best of 'em", concluding that it's "gonna take a hell of a lot for the Subs to top it..."
You can read the original full review HERE
Also archived on T&M HERE

The website DYING SCENE also started streaming the Coalition Government Blues video on their website today - click here

  • 16/02/2013: Promo Video for the new album

U.K. Subs fan Dave Bennifer, who lives in Leicestershire has put together a great new promo video with the blessing of Captain Oi! Records and in association with T&M.
The promo video features the new classic Subs track ‘Coalition Government Blues’, the second track off of the new album ‘XXIV’.
Watch the promo video on YouTube HERE
Read the full news story archived on T&M HERE

  • 12/02/2013: XXIV - the great reviews are starting to roll in!

Check out another resounding thumbs up by Ayisha Khan on the excellent 'Post Punk Music' website...
You can read the original full review HERE
Also archived on T&M HERE

  • 11/02/2013: Rave review of XXIV on Suspect Device website

Gaz at Suspect Device has given XXIV a rave review claiming 'We all know that the UK Subs first two albums were punk classics and rightly so, but dare I suggest that this is on a par?'
You can read the original full review HERE
Also archived on T&M HERE

  • 07/02/2013: Skrutt Magazine review of 'Bonefield'

The online magazine Skrutt likes the new Urban Dogs CD:
(Click the review link then look up 'Urban Dogs' on the band list)

Archived on T&M HERE

  • 06/02/2013: U.K. Subs new album 'XXIV' OUT NOW!

The eagerly anticipated new U.K. Subs album is now out on Captain Oi! Records.
In addition to the 14 new studio tracks there are 12 acoustic bonus cuts making this the ‘expanded version’ of the album. The stunning packaging is simply beautiful, and this deluxe hardback digibook also comes with a 20 page booklet including the lyrics.
Priced at £12.99 INCLUDING UK Delivery - click here to buy it NOW!
£1 postage to Europe and £2 postage to the Rest Of The World per CD.
Full news story including information on the vinyl and digital versions to come
is archived on T&M HERE

  • 06/02/2013: Tickets now on sale for the May 100 Club gig in London

BE QUICK! ONLY 300 tickets...
Tickets have just gone on sale for the UK Subs' gig at the 100 Club in London on Thursday 9th May, 2013. Doors: 7.30pm - 11pm
Price: £12.50
The direct link for this event is HERE

  • 03/02/2013: Subs feature on BBC Radio 4's 'Desert Island Discs' radio show

Sir Terry Leahy, former boss of Tesco, today appeared on the long running Radio 4 'Desert Island Discs' programme, during which he "revealed an unlikely connection" with the UK Subs!

Full story archived on T&M HERE

  • 02/02/2013: XXIV digital download update

Following an unforeseen delay, the digital distro for Captain Oi! will now have a new release date for the UK Subs new album XXIV on Monday 4th February.

  • 31/01/2013: New album: 'XXIV' - Exclusive first full length review published

Time & Matter website editor Mark Chadderton gives the new U.K. Subs album some glowing accolades in our worldwide exclusive first review of the new album 'XXIV'.
The review also includes never-before-seen photos from the 'XXIV' recording sessions, taken by the other T&M website editor Rob Cook, as well as the artwork for the, also never-before-seen, Promo CD that Captain Oi! will be taking delivery of next week.

  • 28/01/2013: Upcoming gig in Bremen venue change

The U.K. Subs' show this Thursday January 31st in Bremen has been moved from the "Lila Eule" to the "Lagerhaus". The show was simply sold out, so it was moved to a bigger place, tickets are now available again on pre-sale or also at the door!

  • 27/01/2013: Charlie & the Captain watching A-M-I

Charlie's grandson's band A-M-I played a gig in Brighton yesterday and they have today posted a couple of photos on Facebook showing Charlie and Captain Sensible in attendance.
Full news story and photos archived on T&M HERE

  • 26/01/2013: Pete Davies news!

Former U.K. Subs drummer Pete Davies is currently in the studio with The Straps recording their new album.
Full story with lots more info and photo archived on T&M HERE

  • 26/01/2013: Suspect Device zine out now including Urban Dogs CD review

Issue 54 of the superb Suspect Device zine is out now and features a review of the Urban Dogs album Bonefield, released on the T&M label Time & Matter Records. At £2.00 including postage it's a great read and you can order your copy here

  • 24/01/2013: New album XXIV - digital download first!

Captain Oi! has today exclusively revealed to T&M that the new Subs album 'XXIV' will initially be available as a digital download from both Amazon and iTunes from Friday February 1st.
Full news story with more detailed information archived on T&M HERE

  • 23/01/2013: Jason Willer news!

Ex-Subs drummer Jason Willer has a new website. Check it out HERE
Full news story archived on T&M HERE

  • 15/01/2013: Vinyl re-issue of 'Endangered Species'

USA record label Cleopatra Records, who recently acquired Nicky Garratt's 'New Red Archives' label have today re-issued the U.K. Subs' fourth studio album 'Endangered Species' on purple vinyl.
Full details archived on T&M HERE

  • 13/01/2013: Time & Matter Records Amazon account

The Urban Dogs' 'Bonefield' album is now available through our Amazon sellers account.
Click here

  • 12/01/2013: Swiss gig venue change

The band's gig on the 22nd February 2013 has been subject to a change of venue.
Instead of playing at the previously advertised 'Sedel' venue, the Subs will now be appearing at the 'Schüür' venue in Lucerne, Switzerland.

  • 07/01/2013: T&M reveals new XXIV album artwork

Time & Matter website today exclusively reveals the cover artwork for the forthcoming U.K. Subs album 'XXIV'. The artwork is by Hollie Tudor-Smith, and the album will hopefully be out later this month. The CD booklet features the fabulous photographic talents of Jez Keefe and has been designed by the brilliant Daryl Smith at Chase The Ace Design.
View the artwork and read the full story HERE

  • 02/01/2013: T&M January Sale Announced

To get 2013 off to a flying start, Time & Matter are having a January Sale.
There are offers on everything in our Big Cartel store and some lines are limited availability so first come, first served!
As usual, postage is discounted for multiple purchases and the first 20 orders will all receive a free copy of the postcard that came with T&M 004 'Tour In Progress' which sold out in just 48 hours!

Full news story archived on T&M HERE

  • 01/01/2013: Happy New Year

Happy new year to all you Subs fans out there from the T&M admins Mark & Rob...




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