• U.K. Subs play The 100 Club, London, England


CHARLIE HARPER- vocals & harmonica

JET- guitar





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UK Subs - London, 100 Club - 9th January 2015
Written by Jim Rowland
Saturday, 31 January 2015 03:00
The first couple of weeks of January are usually a drag right? So what better way to get beat the new year hangover blues than with a dose of another kind of blues at a 5 day punk festival at ‘the spiritual home of punk’- London’s legendary 100 Club, a venue with more than just a bit of punk history soaked in its walls. Whether it is ‘the’ spiritual home of punk, as the blurb surrounding this festival suggests, is perhaps debateable, but it is without doubt one of those homes for sure. The festival boasts a great line up across its five nights with Anti-Nowhere League, Ruts DC, Chris Spedding and 999 headlining throughout the week, and my pick of the bunch, UK Subs, headlining tonight’s Friday night show.
The Subs are a band I’ve liked for yonks, ever since I picked up a red vinyl copy of ‘Diminished Responsibility’ in a Debenhams bargain bucket a very long time ago for the princely sum of 99p (I call that a bargain, the best I’ve ever had, as someone once said), and tonight ‘You Don’t Belong’ is a suitable reminder of the quality of songs that album possesses. Of course the UK Subs’ mammoth career has produced countless quality tunes and ‘Left For Dead’, ‘Down On The Farm’, ‘Emotional Blackmail’, ‘Rockers’ are just a few of those on offer tonight, and all sounding as great, vital and energetic as ever.
The 100 Club, if you’ve never been there, has a slightly annoying pillar bang centre in front of the stage, and tonight stage left of it is a frenzied and feisty punk moshpit whereas stage right of it is a little more relaxed. I watch most of tonight from stage left, but just out of reach of the flying leather, studs and acne of the dedicated dancers. One that might have confused them was the slightly surprising inclusion of ‘Keep On Running’, one of the Subs’ more commercial leaning singles that Charlie Harper himself admits splits opinion, although his statement that only two people like it may be a bit wide of the truth – I certainly do (blue vinyl of course), so that’s at least three. There is of course a new album on the way as the band hit the letter ‘Y’ with ‘Yellow Leader’ about to put the final nail in the Clegg coffin, and tonight’s opening track ‘Sick Velveteen’ along with ‘Suicide Girl’ clearly indicate it’s gonna be a good one. ‘Warhead’ probably remains the highlight tonight where the kids are clearly united providing the backing vocals on a devastating version, and a super speedy ‘Stranglehold’ proving the band can still last the pace. The encore is generous too, with ‘C.I.D.’, I Live In A Car’, ‘Party In Paris’ and ‘New York State Police’ all proving that the Subs have still got it by the bucketload. Charlie Harper is a delight, one of the true godfathers of punk proving that he’s still as sharp as a knife, but with a self-deprecating charm. He doesn’t really have that much more to prove, but proves it anyway.
Up until a week before tonight’s gig I had convinced myself that I had never seen the Subs before, until a good friend of mine had assured me, when he was a promoter at the Camden Underworld, that I was his personal guest at a UK Subs/Vibrators double bill a few years back. I have no memory of that whatsoever, so it must have been a good one, and actually I think I have seen them at least of couple of times before that. Tonight, however, remains the first UK Subs gig I may well remember, and it should live long in the memory too. Long may this band continue.

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The following news story appeared on the T&M homepage:
5 more U.K. Subs albums are also set for vinyl re-issues on new colours for this year's Record Store Day on 18 April 2015.
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