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There is a brand new interview published with Jamie Oliver on the 'January 2015' edition of the Punk Globe website. The interview is by Ginger Coyote and deals with many different topics concerning the U.K. Subs' indefatiguable drummer.

"Charlie oozes cool, and he will continue to ooze cool..."



Below is the interviewed archived here!

Ginger Coyote Goes One On One
With UK Subs Drummer 
Jamie Oliver

Interview By: Ginger Coyote 

I met Jamie Oliver when my band The White Trash Debutantes opened for The UK Subs and we have stayed in contact every since... He is my Drumchum literally!
It had been awhile since I last interviewed him so I decided this interview was long overdue... I hope you enjoy my interview with the incredible Jamie Oliver
PUNK GLOBE: It has been awhile since our last interview Jamie. Tell us what you have been up to? 
Jamie Oliver: It certainly has! It's good to be back at Punk Globe, thanks for having me. Er, well things have been extremely hectic for me, touring with a bunch of bands; UK Subs, SNFU, 4ft Fingers, Short Bus Window Lickers and now The Izuna Drop too. I've also taken over my dad's rehearsal studio with 2 of the Izuna Drop guys and we're in the process of treating the building ready to put a new recording studio in there. I'm also teaching and making the odd free drum video for my YouTube channel at DrumchumTV. The Subs are about to release the new record 'Yellow Leader' too, so it's all going on at the moment.
PUNK GLOBE: Did you get a hawk recently? It seems I saw you sportin' a big ole hawk in a photo? 
Jamie Oliver: Yeah I did! I got bored with having the same hairstyle for over a decade and the jokes about Sonic the Hedgehog coming from random assholes in the street. I thought I might as well give them something to comment on. Now I get called a freak but I usually respond with "I look like a freak on purpose, what's your excuse, dipshit?" It's funny though how there are Jewish kids every day having the ends of their dicks chopped off, and my hair is weird. 
PUNK GLOBE: How long have you been playing with Charlie and The U.K. Subs now? 
Jamie Oliver: It's been almost ten years of fun and frolics. And it's absolutely fucking flown by! I joined when I was 20 and I had my 30th birthday this year which was insane. On my actual birthday I glassed myself while going mental to Slayer and cut my head all open, dived across the pool table in the middle of someone's game and had to give them the money to start again, hit on my friend's mum and I went home with a dead cat under my arm. I'm sure I should've grown out of this shit by now...
PUNK GLOBE: How long had you been playing with the band when we met at the show in Marin County. When our bands played together? 
Jamie Oliver: I think I'd been with the band about a year, I remember that show well Ginger, you rocked! 
PUNK GLOBE: Is Charlie still as cool as ever? Please send him my best. 
Jamie Oliver: Charlie oozes cool, and he will continue to ooze cool until the day the old sod dies.
PUNK GLOBE: Are you playing with any other bands currently? Are you still playing with Short Bus Lickers? 
Jamie Oliver: Actually I left Short Bus Window Lickers following their gutless attempt at kicking out the bass player and good friend of mine, Chema Zurita, through Facebook. I didn't agree he was being treated fairly and so left the band myself in a kind of protest. Shame really, we really kicked it. But yeah I'm playing with The Izuna Drop, we play kind of a digital metal thing crossing over into hardcore at times. And Louise Distras, I'm starting to play live with her. I've worked with Louise on a couple of studio sessions so it's great to finally be hitting the road with her. And 4ft Fingers too. I just finished the UK Subs tour last week and now I'm on tour with 4ft, supporting China Drum. Remember them? Heathcliffe, it's me... I'll spare you.
PUNK GLOBE: Do you ever run into any schedule issues? 
Jamie Oliver: Not really. As a rule we tend to book things way in advance so I don't ever really have any problems with that. The most annoying thing is when you get a really sweet offer but you can't take it because you agreed to play some shitty pub gig for no money. That really sucks. 
PUNK GLOBE: Is Nicky still playing with The U.K. Subs? 
Jamie Oliver: Nicky isn't playing with us anymore unfortunately. I love playing with Nicky, he's a fantastic musician and is a great guy to be around when he's not branding people 'Nazis' for eating meat and beating others up for smoking around him. 
PUNK GLOBE: I understand that you are about to begin a tour with The U.K. Subs. Tell us about that? 
Jamie Oliver: Yep we kick off with two shows in England on Jan 9th and 10th and then we hit mainland Europe for a month with TV Smith. Time to get skinny again!
PUNK GLOBE: Any plans to tour in the States? 
Jamie Oliver: We're in talks as we speak in fact. Maybe punk rock bowling, maybe ink and iron. We're not sure yet though. Hope so. 
PUNK GLOBE: Punk Rock Bowling rules! Will the tour take you any place warm so your hands can thaw out? 
Jamie Oliver: I'll be seeing my wonderful girlfriend for a couple of days during the tour so I'll have a nice warm place for them then. As for the rest of the tour I'm pretty sure we'll all freeze our bollocks off. Last year we broke down in Finland and we were stranded in the middle of nowhere in -22C. I think my dick actually inverted it was so cold. Fuck me it was freezing. 
PUNK GLOBE: Have you gotten that endorsement from Durex? 
Jamie Oliver: Nah, afraid not. They'd only be wasted on getting pinged at my mates across the room anyway. I have no need for such primitive devices.
PUNK GLOBE: Have you had any problems with Fed Ex lately? 
Jamie Oliver: Fuck FedEx. 
PUNK GLOBE: Did you play at this last Rebellion? How was it this year? I think Tara Rez told me that she had some good photo's from Rebellion.. 
Jamie Oliver: Yeah Rebellion is a yearly thing for us and I absolutely love it. This year I even managed to not get myself kicked out of it, which was nice. You should try to get there next year, it's a Mecca for British (aka Real) punk rock. 
PUNK GLOBE: I remember you telling me that you really enjoyed playing The Vans Warped tour the last time we spoke.. Now, that there have been some years since then, what other shows hit a special place in your heart?
Jamie Oliver: Touring with Motorhead was kinda cool, but just to say I've done it. It wasn't at all like how people imagine it to be though. Playing with Die Arzte was awesome, the catering was fucking insane. Alvin and I were literally asking the chef for things we didn't think he'd have and they were just bringing everything out. But actually there's a really small venue in Dortmund which has a bowling alley in the dressing room which was kinda cool. But really there's something a little bit special about every gig, for loads of different reasons. There's just too many to mention. 
PUNK GLOBE: Boy, it has been a while since the last interview. Then your contact addresses were My Space sites... Any new Internet addresses you would like to share with the readers?
Jamie Oliver: Yeah! My YouTube channel DrumchumTV, my, Facebook at DrumchumTV, twitter @drumchumtv, is the address for our own label.
PUNK GLOBE: Describe yourself in three words Jamie? 
Jamie Oliver: Needs sucking off. 
PUNK GLOBE: Any last words for Punk Globe readers? 
Jamie Oliver: Hope you all Merry Christmas everyone! May your non-existent God bless America and fuck the rest of the world, especially the East. Ciao bellends! 
PUNK GLOBE: Thank you so very much Jamie!