"Drenched in the wine of the dead..."

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  • Above: Yellow Leader UK LP release, 2015, front and back covers.
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Cat. No: AHOY LP 317
Label: Captain Oi!
Recorded: 21st July - 2nd August 2014
Released: 27th January 2015


Track Listing:

Side 1:

1. Sick Velveteen (Gibbs) #
2. Artificial (Harper) #
3. Bordeaux Red (Gibbs) *
4. Chemical (Oliver / Harper) #
5. Deconstruct (Harper) #
6. Diatribe (Harper) #
7. Heathens (Oliver) #
Run-out groove: PIRATES PRESS - AHOYLP317A   125912E1/B

Side 2:

1. Feed The Whore (Gibbs) #
2. Prime Evil (Gibbs) #
3. Slave (Oliver / Harper) #
4. Big Bug (Jet / Harper) #
5. Suicidal Girl (Jet / Harper) #
6. Virus (Gibbs / Harper) #
7. Cry Wolf (Jet / Harper) #

Run-out groove: PIRATES PRESS - AHOYLP317B  125912E2/B


Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper # Alvin Gibbs *
Guitar: Jet # Alvin Gibbs 
Bass: Alvin Gibbs *
Drums: Jamie Oliver


See Time & Matter's 'Yellow Leader' update page HERE, from its creation, to its release and beyond.

The red vinyl and yellow vinyl copies each came with a flexi single featuring two of the tracks from the CD version that wouldn't fit on, Sin City Blues and Rebellion song.

The flexis were the same colour as they vinyl they came with.

Tri colour version came with the 4 track 'Yellow Leader EP'


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 Test Pressing Side 1  Test Pressing Side 2

Yellow man Yellow Vinyl Side1    Yellow man Yellow Vinyl Side 2

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 Tri Colour Side 1        Tri Colour Side 2


  • Above: Test pressing label




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