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'Yellow Leader' - new vinyl re-press announced

Captain Oi! Records have today (7 May 2015) issued their latest newsletter containing exciting news of their next re-press of the 'Yellow Leader' LP... 

"UK SUBS "Yellow Leader" - VINYL REPRESS
Following the incredible Sold Out success of the yellow and red vinyl pressings of “Yellow Leader” we’ve decided to do a further vinyl pressing of this brilliant album.
Taking on board comments from both fans and stores alike we’ve decided to do a 500 copy pressing rather than the normal 250 and this time they will come in a striped tri colour of red, yellow and blue vinyl! Not only that but we will also be doing a 4 track vinyl (not flexi) “Y” EP to go with the album which will feature the songs not included on the vinyl version of “Yellow Leader” due to time restrictions namely “Rebellion Song”, ”Archaeology”, “611”and “Sin City Blues”.
And to ensure that everyone knows about the release before it comes out (and not after it’s sold out!) we can announce a release date of June 1st 2015. Make sure you mark that day in your diaries and don’t give us an excuse of “I was washing my hair when the announcement was made and I’ve missed out!” or “I haven’t checked my email for a week and didn’t see the posting!”
500 TRI COLOUR VINYL pressing complete with TRI COLOUR 4 track VINYL EP
WE DON'T DO 'PRE ORDERS'  - so stick the date in your diary and you'll be able to order from us and Amazon on 1st June 2015
Consider yourself told!"
24/5/2015 Update: 7" single artwork 
Time & Matter can exclusively reveal the artwork for the 7" single EP which comes with the new re-pressing of 'Yellow Leader'...
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