"Once a prairie, now a desert"

  • Above: Normal Service Resumed UK LP release, 2015, front and back covers.
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Cat. No: LETV357LP
Label: Let Them Eat Vinyl
Recorded: 26th - 31st March 1993
Released: 18th April 2015


Side A:

Dumfux (Harper/Campbell/Barnes)
Killer Time (sic) (Harper/Barnes)
Jodie Foster (Harper/Campbell/Barnes)
Here Comes Alex (HIER KOMM ALEX) (Die Toten Hosen)
Ozone Death (Harper)
Strangways (Harper)
Joyride (Harper)
Believe In Yourself (Barnes)
Baliffs (Harper/Barnes)

Run-out groove: LETV357LP  - A -  - LVC -  MPO


Side B:

Down On The Farm (Harper/Gibbs/Garratt(sic))
Mowhawk Radio (Harper/Davies/Barnes)
Brixton (Harper/Barnes)
Reaper (Harper)
All The People (Barnes)
Squat The World (Harper/Davies/Campbell/Barnes)
Lydia (Harper/Barnes)
Space Patrol (Barnes/Davies)

Run-out groove: LETV357LP  - B -  - LVC -  MPO


Side C:

Emotinal Blackmail
Endangered Species
Fear Of Girls
You Don't Belong
Young Criminals
Rat Race
Another Cuba
Scum Of The Earth
Telephone Numbers
SK8 Tough

Run-out groove: MPO  LETV357LP  - C -  - LVC -  


Side D:

Left For Dead
Limo Life
Crash Course
All I Wanna Know
Not Listening (Snuff)
Tomorrow's Girls
Party In Zagreb (sic)
I Robot
New York State Police

Run-out groove: LETV357LP  - D -  - LVC -  MPO


Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Guitar: Alan Campbell
Bass/Keys/Acoustic Guitar/Vocals: Brian Barnes
Drums/Vocals: Pete Davies


Record Store Day, 2015, reissue of the original album as it appeared on the CD issue, though with the same running order as the LP version, with the extra tracks added at the end of side A and side B, and the Live In Croatia recording.


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London Punx

  • Above: Original line-up picture used for the back cover
    (L-R: Charlie Harper/Alan Campbell/Pete Davies/Brian Barnes)

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