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CR065 front cover CR065 back cover

  • Above: Universal French LP release, 2004, front and back covers.
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Cat. No: CR065/DPR015
Label: Combat Rock/Dirty Punk Records
Recorded: January/February 2002
Released: February 2004

Side One:

Last Man Standing (Harper)
Soho (Harper, Campbell)
Spoils Of War (Harper/Rankin)
3RD World England (Harper/Rankin)
Universal (Harper)
Hollywood (Harper)
The Dark, song for Rassle (Harper/Rankin)

Run-out groove: 54605E1/A  www.gzvinyl.com

Side Two:

Fragile (Harper/Rankin)
White Lie (Jason Dulldrums)
Don't Blame Islam (Harper/Campbell)
Cross Fire (Harper)
Papers Lie (Harper/Rankin)
Custody (Harper/Dulldrums)
Devolution (Harper/Campbell)
On My Way (Not credited)

Run-out groove: 54605E2/A 

Line Up

Vocals/Harmonica: Charlie Harper
Guitar/Backing Vocals: Alan Campbell
Bass/Backing Vocals: Simon Rankin
Drums/Backing Vocals: Jason Dulldrums (Willer)


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CR065 Side 1 Side 1                       CR065 Side 2 Side 2

Test Pressing Side 1 Test Pressing Side 2

  • Above: Test pressing rear sleeve, see story below.


Limited edition Limited Edition Limited Edition

  • Above: Very Limited Edition Copy (See text below courtesy of Kev Barksby)
A bit of a story re: the Universal L.P. from Christophe from Dirty Punk -  1,000 copies were pressed on green vinyl, as you know. The pressing plant pressed 30 extra copies just in case there were any faults, there wasn't so Christophe had 30 extra records, unfortunately there were only 1,005 printed sleeves, 5 of the sleeves were used for the 5 black vinyl test pressings, each one individually numbered on the label and on the rear of the sleeve as the 1,000, as for example TP1.  2 of the test pressings went to Captain Oi as a thank you for allowing Dirty Punk to press the records, Christophe kept one for himself, 1 was given to Paul Mileman as a competition prize on the official U.K. Subs site (don't know which number) to guess Tezz's  musical talents, and Christophe couldn't remember where the other one went. The other 1,000 were the limited edition green vinyl issues. Therefore Christophe cut and pasted some images from the Universal sleeve onto the 30 plain white gatefold sleeves, and Charlie and Jason signed the copies of this very limited edition of Universal.


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