"Is it hell or heaven sent?"

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  • Above: XXIV UK CD release, 2015, front and back covers.
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Cat. No: AHOY CD 315
Label: Captain Oi!
Recorded: 17th - 26th July 2012
Released: 25th June 2015

Track Listing:


01. Implosion 77 (Oliver / Harper) #
02. Coalition Government Blues (Gibbs) #
03. Speed (Gibbs / Harper) #
04. Rabid (Oliver / Harper) #
05. Monkeys (Jet / Harper) #
06. Black Power Salute (Gibbs) *
07. Las Vegas Wedding (Jet / Harper) #
08. Stare At The Sun (Gibbs) *
09. Garden Of Good And Evil (Oliver / Harper) #
10. Workers Revolution (Jet / Harper) #
11. Wreckin' Ball (Harper) #
12. Detox (Harper) #
13. Failed State (Harper) #
14. Momento Mori (Oliver / Harper) #


Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper # Alvin Gibbs *
Guitar: Jet
Bass: Alvin Gibbs
Drums: Jamie Oliver


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  • Above: CD
News story from 25/06/2015


XXIV - Standard CD version NOW IN STOCK

XXIV cover - click to enlargeFrom the Captain Oi! website:
"XXIV" is the UK SUBS 24th official album (hence XXIV). In their quest to release one album for every letter of the alphabet (and following on from the excellent Captain Oi release Work In Progress).
XXIV contains 14 original tracks plus an excellent 20 page booklet with all the lyrics.
Originally released in 2013 in a limited edition deluxe hardback digibook with a dozen acoustic bonus cuts added.

This has now sold out and been replaced by the standard album version which you see here. It's in the usual CD Jewel case and is available at our normal CD price of £9.99 including UK Delivery.


If you were after the deluxe version you've missed the boat! Their latest studio album YELLOW LEADER (available here http://shop.captainoi.com/shopexd.asp?id=272) will also eventually move to a standard pressing so if you want the deluxe one you better get in quick before that one goes too!"


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