• U.K. Subs play Chinnerys, Southend-on-Sea, England


vocals & harmonica






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The following news story appeared on the T&M homepage:


Let Them Eat Vinyl, who have recently re-issued a number of the U.K. Subs' albums on deluxe vinyl, have today (18 September 2015) re-issued the band's 7th official A-Z LP 'Gross-Out USA' - catalogue number LETV339LP.

This beautiful re-issue comes with a gatefold sleeve and is on deluxe solid white vinyl. Next on the Let Them Eat Vinyl schedule of Subs deluxe re-issues is 'Greatest Hits Live', which is a re-named, re-issue of the band's 12th official LP 'Live In Paris'. This carries the catalogue number LETV218LP, but as yet - has no release date confirmed.

This brand new vinyl edition of 'Gross-Out USA' is priced at just £18-50.



Gross-Out USA - 




The Time & Matter website will be bringing you all the updates regarding further re-issues as usual...

The Subs’ seventh official album 'Gross-Out USA' was a live album recorded at McGreevys in Chicago whilst on tour in America during the spring of 1984. 
At this point in the U.K. Subs band member merry-go-round, both Steve Slack and Steve Jones had left the band following the previous 'Flood of Lies' LP, so for this release Pete Davies returned on drums and Tezz Roberts (previously of Discharge) played bass, alongside the 'Flood of Lies' guitarist Captain Scarlet.
The introductory music was taken from the soundtrack for the film 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly', and the LP was the Subs' second official live album to that date, both of which featured Davies on drums. Pete didn't play on the semi-official 1980 'Live Kicks' album, a recording of a 1977 show, but 'Stiff Records' did mistakenly put his picture on the sleeve!
Originally released in March 1985 on Fall Out Records (FALL LP031), on black vinyl only, there were two different sleeves; the more common pink on green colour scheme and a more rare green on pink, these schemes are also reflected on the labels.
Recorded on a four track 'Portastudio', the performance reflects Captain Scarlet's love of guitar effects with loads of echo, especially on 'Warhead', this would be his last recording with the Subs before going AWOL prior to a Spanish tour in February 1985, but he would later re-appear as the band's roadie for a European tour in November 1986.
Elsewhere, the LP was issued in both West Germany and Japan.

The German issue was on Intercord (INT 145.088) and proved to be the third and last LP via that label. Of further note for vinyl collectors was the fact that something must have got lost in the translation as the labels and spine of the sleeve read 'Cross-Out USA'!
The Japanese release on VAP (VAP 35145-25) was additionally listed as Punks (sic) Not Dead Part 4, part of their British Frontline Series.
This release comes in a clear plastic inner sleeve with an OBI strip around the outer cover and single page insert featuring a biography in Japanese boasting all the lyrics in English and Japanese. As with the German release, the Japanese issue also reveals some interesting translations; for example on the lyrics to 'Emotional Blackmail'... "There's no survival - into the arrivals, just sink or swim - what a pile of junk I'm in, I can't go home - to me that's just not fair, brass melts with blood - keyholes dance with mud"

Charlie, did you really sing that?
With ‘Gross-Out USA’ originally only ever having been issued on black vinyl, collectors will delight that this ‘Let Them Eat Vinyl’ re-issue sees ‘Gross-Out USA’ boast colour vinyl for the very first time. It also represents the LPs first time out on vinyl for 30 years!
Go on - treat yourself - grab a copy now folks...

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