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FALL LP052 front cover FALL LP052 back cover

  • Above: Occupied UK LP release, 1996, front and back covers.
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Cat. No: FALL LP 052
Label: Fall Out/Jungle
Recorded: 1996
Released: 1996

Side One:

Let's Get Drunk (Harper, Barnes, Campbell) 1.21
Shove It (Harper, Barnes) 2.35
DF 118 (Harper) 2.03
Solutions (Harper, Campbell) 6.04
Public Address (Harper, Campbell) 2.04
Revolving Boys (Harper, Barnes) 3.36
One Of The Girls (Harper, Barnes) 2.42
Darkness (Harper, Campbell, Barnes) 2.07

Run-out groove: FALL LP 052 A  - JTS -

Side Two:

Not So Secret Wars (Harper, Campbell) 1.27
Infidel (Harper, Campbell) 2.39
MPRI (Harper, Campbell) 1.18
Nazi Cunts (Barnes, Davies) 1.00
God Bless Amerikkka (Harper, Campbell) 3.21
Y.D.M.S. (Harper) 2.43
The Great Northern Disaster (Barnes) 3.05
Ode To Completion (Harper) 1.59

Run-out groove: FALL LP 052 - B   * - JTS -

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Guitar: Alan Campbell
Bass: Brian Barnes
Drums: Pete Davies


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FALL LP052 Side One Side 1 FALL LP052 Side 2 Side 2


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