• U.K. Subs play Corporation, Sheffield, England


vocals & harmonica





*Jon Ayre on loan from The Izuna Drop:



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"Ever Touring, Ever Recording, A Return Visit to Sheffield From the evergreen and youthful, everyone’s favourite punk rocking  pensioner,  Charlie Harper and his partners in crime rock and roll and Holsten Pils, Alvin Gibbs, Jamie Oliver and lead guitar  hero and cat lover (Fatso) Jet Storm,  so a quick return to the seven hills this time promoting  Ziezo there 26th album and of course the final letter in the alphabet,  last year’s Yellow Leader was a cracker and as sure as Eggs are Eggs Ziezo follows in the same vein, Loud, soulful, tunes aplenty, infectious Riffs supplied by jet, all kept in time by powerhouse drumming and thunderous bass lines, topped off with a singer putting his life, heart and soul into, well the icing on the punk rocker cake,  tonight it wasn’t any different, in the flesh there’s no crumbs or slices served up, it was the whole frigging cake!
With over 26 albums and countless singles, Ep’s and one-offs there’s a huge back catalogue to choose from, some of your favourite tunes ain’t going to get played! Missing tonight was Alvin Gibbs unfortunately his father had suddenly passed away, so a more then capable stand in was john (didn’t hear his surname ) So we got treated to some old favourites, Rockers, Countdown , Down On The Farm, Live in a Car, Stranglehold, New York State Police.
and then a quick break for Charlie to ask if anyone could play the bass lines to Warhead!   Show resumes once bass lines had been passed on! My totally unreliable memory is now in overdrive as I’ve forgotten what else was played! An hour long set and they are gone leaving the assembled  crowd of punks young and old shouting for more, of which we are duly obliged with a cracking CID, Short and sweet, punk ethics  35 years on, or is it just charlies age?"


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