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   U.K. Subs announce 2 x 7" singles via Pledge Music  

Plus 40th Anniversary Show

The Subs announced on 21 July 2017 that they will be releasing two brand new singles, the band's first recordings featuring new guitarist Steve Straughan, via Pledge Music. Below is the announcement posted on the Subs Facebook page, which was accompanied by a short video of Charlie and Alvin speaking about the new campaign...

We told you that Ziezo was our last album, but we also told you that it wouldn't be the last you'd hear of us...
We've just this second launched two brand new 7" AA-side coloured vinyl singles on Pledge Music - 'PREDATOR' and 'THE BEAST'!!! Each comes with a free download and an exclusive badge and patch. 4 new tracks for your listening pleasure.
Also in the pipeline.... ***On November 16th 1977 Charlie and co played the first ever gig as UK Subs, having changed the name of the band.***This year, on November 16th, 40 years later to the day, we will be celebrating the official 40th anniversary of UK Subs at the Queen's Hall, Nuneaton, and simultaneously launching our new singles! To mark this special occasion, we will be performing one song from each and every UK Subs album right the way through from A to Z. What's more is we'll be giving you the chance to influence our choice of set list!
All of this and more at"

The main statement on the Pledge Subs page reads:

"Following the massive success of the UK Subs Pledge campaign for ‘Ziezo’, the band announced that it would be our final album, but we would still continue to record singles and EP’s. So then, here is our first offering. Not one, but two double A-side singles made available to you via Pledge Music. Four brand new tracks for your listening pleasure on coloured 7" vinyl, each of which comes with a free download and an exclusive badge and patch. Full print limited edition dye sublimated tshirts are available too, one for each single, and we have plans for an absolutely huge launch party! Our last campaign was a lot of hard work but it was amazing, and we’re really working hard to make this one even better, so let’s do it!"

Various Pledge packages are available, including t-shirts featuring the sleeve artwork, badge, patches and tickets to the 40th anniversary gig in Nuneaton.


  • Website archive footnote to the above U.K. Subs statement
    regarding the 40th anniversary date...

*** T&M is unsure as to why the band have stated that they became known as U.K. Subs on 16 November 1977, as this website has several pages and items of ephemera that contradicts that date, which actually dates the band name-change to circa June/July of 1977 - including a picture of the band in October 1977 - click here, a demo recorded in the summer of 1977 - click here, as well as gig advertisements listing the U.K. Subs playing in July 1977 - click here.


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