U.K. Subs 2017 Pledge Music Update No. 1  

The latest update on the Subs' latest Pledge Music campaign was made today, 24 July 2017 as follows:

"AccessPass Update 24 July, 2017
And we're off!!!

Hi folks!

Well we are back in Pledge land with our second campaign. Thank you all for pledging, the response so far has been amazing!

Just a very quick update to provide some information that we missed out while launching on Friday.

Firstly, all of the singles will come fully signed by the band by default. Should you wish to receive your copy unsigned then please contact Pledge by submitting a question. You can do this by clicking the ‘Ask pledge’ link in your dashboard as you log in. Secondly, regarding the 40th anniversary/single launch party. This will take place at the Queen’s Hall in Nuneaton and will kick off at about 8pm-ish. For those who cannot make the gig, as pledgers you will be able to stream it online live as it happens. It won’t be the same as actually being there but at least you won’t miss out. Tickets, by the way, are limited to 300 which is the capacity of the venue.

Any questions, post them below and I’ll try my best to answer them!


Original announcement archived HERE (21/07/17)
Update No. 1 - click here (24/07/17)