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Edsel Records, a division of the DEMON MUSIC GROUP will be issuing two magnificent U.K. Subs CD boxsets this year, comprising an awe-inspiring and jaw-dropping collectors' delight of 30 CDs in total.

Limited to 1,000 copies worldwide, the second boxset (pictured - click images to enlarge) will have all the U.K. Subs' alphabetically released official albums from 'Normal Service Resumed' to 'Ziezo', with those 13 discs being augmented by an additional 2 'Bonus Cuts' discs, crammed with singles, b-sides and rarities.

Volume 2 has a release date of 3 August 2018.

Produced in association with Captain Oi! Records and Chase The Ace Design, with help and advice from T&M, information regarding the first boxset, due out on 1 June 2018 can be viewed on this previous news story link:

The two boxsets will have a matching design, with the first 15-CD set boasting the albums 'Another Kind Of Blues' to 'Mad Cow Fever', plus another 2 'Bonus Cuts' discs, again with some tasty non-LP Subs delights.

These releases promise to be the ultimate U.K. Subs collectors item that every Subs fanatic will cherish and love, representing a stunning tribute to one of the greatest punk band's of them all.

Charlie has also signed a printed card keepsake in each set - this one being a print of one of his paintings - see the picture above (click to enlarge).

Volume 2 is available to pre-order on Amazon now, with the following 'product description':

"This year the UK Subs celebrate their 40th anniversary with two comprehensive box sets rounding up all 26 of their albums and associated singles and b-sides. Each album has been remastered so that the Subs have never looked or sounded better. The band set out in 1979 to release an album for each letter of the alphabet and finally completed the task in 2017. This fifteen disc 261 track CD Book Set contains the second half of the A-Z series (N - Z), plus two discs of non LP singles, B-sides and rare compilation album tracks. Each album is packaged in a 7" sleeve featuring a replica of its original front cover with each CD a picture disc, all bound together in a strong hard back casing. Made with 11 guitarists, twelve bassists, Fifteen drummers….and one lead singer! "