The following news story appeared on the T&M homepage:


The Subs have announced a competition to name their forthcoming EP, with the announcement being made via the band's Facebook page as follows:

"Hi all,
Many of you have been asking what our new EP will be called. We haven’t announced the title yet, and for very good reason. And that reason is, because we want you to name it!
On our website at there is a form. We want you to submit your ideas for the name of our new EP, and the winner will not only have their idea immortalised on a UK Subs record, we’re also giving away a very special mystery prize that is sure to be the envy of many a Subs fan.
So get your thinking caps on folks, we want to hear what you’ve got!
The competition ends on July 1st and we’ll announce our winner shortly after that once we’ve reviewed the entries and made a decision.
Good luck!!!"

The following messages can be read before you enter your suggestion(s) in the box provided:
"Ok it’s competition time! Description and rules below. Remember it’s one form entry per person but within that form you can enter as many names as you like!"
"Name our EP!"
"What do you think the new UK Subs EP should be called?"
The website goes on to state:
"We’re giving you the chance to name our brand new EP and in doing so, you can bag yourself a very special unique UK Subs related mystery prize!
All you have to do to win is get your creative juices flowing and submit your idea for the title of our new EP using the form above. On July 1st we’ll pick our favourite name and the person who came up with it will win a special prize that will be much coveted by UK Subs fans across the globe!"