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The latest update on the U.K. Subs E.P. 'Screaming Senile' has been sent out via the official mailing list from Jamie and reads as follows:
Hi folks,
I've just received an email informing us that the Screaming Senile records are being shipped out to us tomorrow! Hoorayyyy!!! Once they arrive (should be before the weekend), we will get them signed and sent to our shipper to get out to you ASAP along with all of your other items. We cannot apologise enough for the delays but we're getting there!
The delays have been a general supply and demand problem with vinyl pressing plants across the board. To give you a little bit of history, in the 1980's the vinyl market was basically killed off with the introduction of the CD, forcing many vinyl pressing plants to close. In the East, however, it took some time to catch up and the CD didn't take its grip on the market for quite a number of years, meaning that a lot of the old Eastern Block pressing plants were still in tact and able to function. Fast forward to today where the vinyl market is bigger than ever before and it's easy to see why pressing plants aren't able to keep up - there just aren't that many people making vinyl anymore, and with things like record store day, people are just buying records in their hoards. So, with demand so high and supply limited to the capacity of the plants, there is a huge backlog and the vinyl pressing market is unfortunately riddled with delays.
Anyway that's enough yapping. We're so glad to finally be able to give you some good news!!!
Standby for further updates.