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Ex-U.K. Subs drummer Steve Roberts, who now goes by the name of Stevie ZeSuicide, has released a book of his memoirs entitled 'Rock & Roll Chronicles', it was published on paperback on 3 December 2018. Edited by Mike Harris and running to 162 pages, the promotional information reads as follows:

"Not just another rock & roll autobiography - during time off away from gigs Stevie worked in a music video studio where he met, and conversed, with many top-line celebrities. This book is a mix of events in the life of a rock musician mixed with his time as a 'backroom boy' on set with many not-to-be-missed anecdotes. Stevie played as a member of UK Subs, making several Top of the Pops appearances. He also performed with The Damned and The Exploited - in the studio and on the road. He was used by Simon Cowell as a session drummer for Sinitta on TV appearances. Working behind the scenes on many music video productions Stevie gathered a wealth of first-hand stories from the many world famous celebrities he met and looked after... Sir Elton John, The Rolling Stones, Diana Ross, Freddie Mercury and Monserrat Cabalié, AC/DC, KISS and more..."
The book is published via Stevie ZeSuicide's management company TaM* Entertainment and you can view a short promotional video HERE.
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