U.K. Subs play the Paradiso in Amsterdam, Holland



Line up:
Charlie Harper - vocals
Nicky Garratt - guitar
Paul Slack - bass

Pete Davies - drums


U.K. Subs 1980 publicity shot



  • Below: Cover of Nicky Garratt's tour itinerary for this tour. Click to enlarge.



From the Nicky Garratt U.K. Subs collection 



Further information on the above supplied by Nicky Garratt:
"The dates listed below are from the inside of the itinerary. The cover of the itinerary is unique and sometimes they have the name of who's it is on the front, odd photos and inside there is sometimes some interesting information. Inside of that itinerary is a sheet with the names of the road crew (for the Ramones), and interestingly, a rooming memo which uses all of the Ramones' real names plus their girlfriends and/or wives names."



11th Paradiso - Amsterdam - Holland
12th Ancienne Belgique - Brussels, Belgium
14th Palazzo Delto Sport - Reggio Emilia - Italy
15th Palaspot - Udine - Italy
16th Palalido - Milan
18th Palasport - Turin - Italy
20th Le Palace - Paris - France



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