Charlie plays Gossips, London, England

Line up:
Charlie Harper - vocals
Tony Conway - guitar
Dave Dudley - keyboards
Steve Slack - bass
Pete Davies - drums


Gig listing

  • Above: Gig listing, Sounds,7th February 1981, page 59

Gig advert
  • Above: Gig advert, Sounds, 7th February 1981, page 60
There is no date specified on the gig advert but there is no record of another Subs gig at Gossips around that time. It is also fair to assume that it's either a typo or deliberate attempt to fill the venue by advertsing it as a Subs gig as opposed to a Charlie solo show. In email correspondence with the T&M admins, Dave Dudley recalls playing at Gossips with Chelsea around this time.


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