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Full Book Title: The Story Of Crass
Author: George Berger
Year Of Publication: 2006
Publishers: Omnibus Press
Format: Large Paperback
Pages: 295pp
ISBN: 10: 1.84609.402.X
ISBN: 13: 978.1.84609.402.6
Order No: OP51447
Synopsis of UK Subs content: This has a couple of pages of interest to any Subs fan with pp92-93 including an account of the UK Subs and Crass sharing gigs at the White Lion in Putney in 1977. Crass vocalist Steve Ignorant remembers the time fondly amid an interesting write up of these two essential bands crossing paths in their respective early development.

Footnote: The booklet that came with Crass' release of their double album 'BEST BEFORE' also includes an account of the Crass/UK Subs union from those early days:

"Throughout the long, lonely winter of 77/78 we played regular gigs at The White Lion, Putney with the UK Subs. The audience consisted mostly of us when the Subs played and the Subs when we played. Sometimes it was disheartening, but usually it was fun. Charlie Harper's indefatigable enthusiasm was always an inspiration when times got bleak, his absolute belief in punk as a peoples' music had more to do with revolution than McClaren and his cronies could ever have dreamt of. Through sheer tenacity we were exposing the punk charlatans for what they really were, a music-biz hype."

From Crass 621984 .... in which Crass voluntarily 'Blow Their Own'


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