"Who's gonna clear up the mess, that's what I wanna know"

AHOY LP 518 front cover AHOY LP 518 back cover

  • Above: Punk Singles Collection UK LP release, 1998, front and back covers.
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    Images courtesy of Kev Barksby.

Cat. No: AHOY LP 518
Label: Captain Oi
Recorded: 1978-1994
Released: 1998

Side One:

Tomorrow's Girls
She's Not There
Party In Paris
Keep On Running
Self Destruct

Run-out groove: AHOY-LP 518 A1  PRIMED

Side Two:

Another Typical City
Private Army
This Gun Says
The Motivator
Sabre Dance
Hey Santa
Here Comes Alex
Postcard From L.A.
New Barbarians
Limo Life

Run-out groove: AHOY-LP 518 B1  A PORKY PRIME CUT

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper/Paul Slack (She's Not There)
Guitar:  Nicky Garratt/Captain Scarlet/Tezz Roberts/Darrell Barth/Alan Lee/Alan Campbell/Knox
Bass: Paul Slack/Alvin Gibbs/Steve Slack/Tezz Roberts/John Armitage/Flea/Brian Barnes
Drums: Pete Davies/Steve Roberts/Kim Wylie(John Towe)/Steve S. Jones/Rab Fae Beith/Matt McCoy/Belvy K/Turkey


For a detailed breakdown on who played what on which tracks please refer to the original releases.

Limited edition on Captain Oi who also released the CD version. LP comes with a 4 page insert (see below).

When questioned (1/5/2015) about the rarity in the UK of this LP release, Captain Oi! supremo Mark Brennan supplied the following info:

"1000 copies were pressed, nearly all for one customer if memory serves. Would have pretty much all gone abroad... ...Actually think it went to Japan. Did quite a few pressings like that at the time..."

Cheers Mark smiley


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Insert page 1 Insert page 2 Insert page 3 Insert page 4

  • Above: Four page insert.


Additional images courtesy of Kev Barksby. Thanks again Kev, nice one!


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