The band's tour of Poland, cancelled around six months earlier now went ahead and they set off for Warsaw, then currently under marshall law.

Thus, the UK Subs became the first punk rock band to enter Communist Poland for a tour.

However, this was to be the last tour of the Garratt/Gibbs/Harper line-up (until the re-unions).

The shows extended over a two week period travelling by bus.

The venues were mostly sports stadiums averaging in capacity around 8,000. The shows went well and were peaceful. All the shows were at capacity and on their final show in Warsaw they performed two shows to over 24,000 people, making it their biggest ever headlining gig.

They returned to London, Heathrow from Warsaw on 6th March 1983.

Source: U.K. Subs official website (Paul Mileman)


An article on the the bands shows with the Polish band Republika was featured in the Polish magazine Magazyn Muzyczny March/April 1983 (see below)

Polish article page 1 Polish article page 2 Polish article page 3 Polish article page 4

  • Above: Polish press article, click on images to enlarge.

A few photographs of the tour are available to view on a Polish Rock Archive website HERE


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