"Blessed are those who become our slaves"

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  • Above: Yellow Leader UK CD release, 2015, front and back covers.
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Cat. No: AHOY HBCD 317
Label: Captain Oi!
Recorded: 21st July - 2nd August 2014
Released: 27th January 2015


Track Listing:

1. Sick Velveteen (Gibbs) 
2. Artificial (Harper)
3. Bordeaux Red (Gibbs) *
4. Chemical (Oliver / Harper) 
5. Deconstruct (Harper)
6. Diatribe (Harper)
7. Feed The Whore (Gibbs) #
8. Heathens (Oliver)
9. Prime Evil (Gibbs)
10. Rebellion Song (Harper) ^
11. Sin City Blues (Harper)

12. Slave (Oliver / Harper)
13. Big Bug (Jet / Harper)
14. Suicidal Girl (Jet / Harper)
15. Virus (Gibbs / Harper)
16. Cry Wolf (Jet / Harper)
17. Archaeology (Harper) +
18. 611 - Instrumental (Jet)


Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper / Alvin Gibbs *
Guitar: Jet / Alvin Gibbs # / Jamie Oliver ^
Bass: Alvin Gibbs / Charlie Harper +
Drums: Jamie Oliver


See Time & Matter's 'Yellow Leader' update page HERE, from its creation, to its release and beyond.


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  • Above: CD

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  • Above: Promo cd front and back covers.

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