"We've got a state of alert"

CRAK003 front cover CRAK003 back cover

  • Above: Violent State French release, 2004, front and back covers.
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Cat. No: CRAK 003
Label: Combat Rock
Summer 2004

Track Listing:

Livin' Dead (Gibbs)
Squat 96 (Harper/Gibbs)
Emotional Blackmail (Harper/Garratt)
Cyberjunk (Gibbs)
State Of Alert (Harper/Garratt)
Mouth On A Stick (Gibbs (sic))
New York State Police (Harper/Garratt/Slack)
Organised Crime (Harper/Garratt)
Quintessentials (Harper/Garratt)
Works (Harper/Garratt)
Sensitive Boys (Harper/Garratt)
Ice Age (Harper/Garratt)
Crash Course (Harper/Garratt/Mc Coy (sic))
Tomorrow's Girls (Harper)
Warhead (Harper/Slack)
Riot (Harper/Butler)
Stranglehold (Harper)
I Couldn't Be You (John Presley)
Limo Life (Harper/Garratt)
Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot (Billy Childish)
BONUS-The Revolution's Here 7"
Reclaim The Street (Harper)
Metro (Harper)
Go Home (Harper, Garrat (sic))
Something In The Air (John Keene)
The Revolution's Here (Harper, Garrat (sic))

Line Up

Vocals & Harmonica: Charlie Harper
Guitar: Nicky Garratt
Bass: Alvin Gibbs
Drums: Jason Willer


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Works Cartoon

  • Above: Charlie's Works cartoon drawn during recording sessions.
    Image courtesy of Caps.


From the Mark Chadderton U.K. Subs collection

  • Above: Ox Fanzine No.71 April/May 2007 - German review of Violent State pp74-75
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Alternate cover

  • Above: Alternate cover with different picture of Charlie.

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