"I'm on a submarine mission"

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  • Above: Sub Mission UK CD release, 1999, front and back covers.
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Cat. No: FALL CD 055
Fall Out/Jungle Records
1982 - 1998
4th May 1999

Track Listing:

Police State (Harper/Garratt) 
Speak For Yourself (sic) (Harper)
Self Destruct (Harper/Garratt)
Captain Scarlet (Green) 
Thunderbird Wine (Trad. Arr. Harper)
Hey Santa (Wilson)
Another Cuba (Harper)
Down On The Farm (Harper/Garratt/Gibbs)
Another Typical City (UK Subs)
Planet I (Garratt)
Drag Me Down (Gibbs)
Here Comes Alex (Die Toten Hosen)
Ozone Death (Harper)
Strangeways (Harper)
DF 118 (Harper)
Solutions (Harper/Campbell)
Outside Soceity (Harper/Garratt/Gibbs)
Bitter & Twisted (Harper/Gibbs)
Squat '96 (Harper/Gibbs)
Riot (Harper)

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper/Nicky Garratt/Alvin Gibbs
Nicky Garratt/Tezz Roberts/Alan Lee/Darrell Barth/Knox/Scott Snowdon/Alan Campbell/Captain Scarlet/Andy McCoy
Alvin Gibbs/John Armitage/Flea/Bryan (sic) Barnes/Steve Slack/Andy Frantic
Kim Wylie/Rab Fae Beith/Steve Roberts/Pete Davies/Steve Jones (sic)/Belvy K/Dave Ayer/Gary Ostell (Baldy)



According to Nicky Garratt, when interviewed for the Coventry based fanzine EATEN ALIVE (issue 4/Spring 1998), the 'S' album was originally to be titled 'Speed', which was Garratt's idea for the follow on album to the Quintessentials & Riot re-union releases. Garratt stated that "it would be an ultra fast punk album full of intense short songs. The ball is in Charlie's court on this one, if he wants to do it, I'm ready and Dave Ayer is also interested."

The inside cover features pictures of previous band members including one called 'Rommel' (real name Michael Richter) who doesn't appear on any of the recordings used though did play drums in the band from 6th June to 15th August 1997.

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  • Above: Sub Mission disc one and two (Live in Bristol)


Submission promo copy

  • Above: Sub Mission promo CD, image taken from ebay auction.


From the Mark Chadderton U.K. Subs collection

From the Mark Chadderton U.K. Subs collection

  • Above: Two sided flyer for the album release and tour.


Kerrang Magazine review

  • Above: Kerrang Magazine review, 8th May 1999 


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