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Cat. No: JET005
JET13 Records
May/June 2007
June 2008

Track Listing:

I Live In A Car (Harper/Garratt/Slack/Lions)
Creation (Harper/Oliver)
Warhead (Harper/Slack)
Straighten Out (Harper/Jet)#
Knuckleduster (Harper/Jet)
Bonus Live Video
Warhead; Islington Academy, London, 16.07.07


Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Peter Revesz/Brian Barnes#
Jamie Oliver


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Kerrang review

  • Above: Review from Kerrang Magazine, August 2002 page 52
  • Reviews collated on Jet's website
El Diablo
Outrageously good. Five tracks and a video from jet13 records makes this a worthy addition to any Subs collection. The old tracks are redone and are now pumped up rockers that still maintain a punk edge. Warhead itself sounds fantastic. Revitalised, relevant and honed to near perfection. I defy anyone to pick fault with this release. The new material is the best that Charlie and his band of reprobates have laid down in a while. There’s no treading water here, and although it does feature old material it’s not steeped in past glories. Bloody marvellous. Hats off to the Subs for leading the way and showing the young ’uns just how to do it.
3rd Generation Nation (Written in German)
Nein, am Schlagzeug sitzt nicht der weltberuehmte Koch Jamie Oliver. Ist purer Zufall dass der Typ genauso heisst! Schade, dass ich das Video zu "Warhead" nicht geoeffnet bekomme. Hab doch eigentlich alle Vorrausetzungen dafuer auf meinem Computer installiert. Warum im Jahr 2008 eigentlich eine Neuverfilmung von "Warhead" Die Antwort ist ganz einfach. Der Song wird nie langweilig, ist D-I-E Punkrock-Hymne der Subs, wie beispielsweise "White Riot" fuer THE CLASH oder "Suspect Device" fuer STIFF LITTLE FINGERS. Der Song bleibt aufgrund des politischen Hintergrunds stets aktuell und fand deswegen auch Gehoer in dem Film "This Is England" von Shane Meadows (siehe dazu das Review-Update vom Januar 2008). Neben der neu eingespielten "Warhead"-Version gibt es von einem weiteren Subs-Knaller ein Update, und zwar von "I Live In A Car". War uebrigens neben "C.I.D." der erste Song, den ich von den Subs im Sommer ´78 bei JOHN PEEL hoerte. Auf der 5-Track-CD sind dann noch mit "Creation" und "Knuckleduster" zwei voellig neue Songs vertreten, hingegen es sich bei "Straighten Out" um einen anderen Mix von der letzten Single "666 Yeah" handelt. Wieder einmal spielte Charlie Harper die Songs mit einer neuen Band ein. Jet, dem das Label "Jet 13 Records" gehoert und ehemals bei den SONIC BOOM BOYS dabei war, ist an der Gitarre akustisch zu vernehmen, und ein gewisser Brian Barnes bedient den Bass. Jeder Song klingt wie ein Subs-Song eben zu klingen hat. Charlie´s snotty voice scheint dabei unverwuestlich zu sein. Und das mit beinahe 65 Jahren!
( * * * * + )
Rock Sound Issue 112
"W" is a gift for the Subs' ongoing mission to name their albums alphabetically, although they're possible eager to reach "X" because there's only five teaser tracks here. New versions of "I Live In A Car" (an ode to the DIY ethics Charlie still adheres to) and "Warhead" (which lyrically prophesised the precipice of the global shit storm we teeter awkwardly on today. That Harper's a witch! A witch I tells ya!) feature alongside excellent newbies "Knuckleduster" and "Creation", plus a remix of "Straighten Out". Yeah, it's over quicker than an emo kid's guilty wank, but the Subs' don't need to labour the point to prove they can still match their own bastard (grand)children.
Paul Raggity (8)
Big Cheese Issue 83 / Vive Le Punk
31 years down the line and the grandfather of punk Charlie Harper is still leading his UK Subs through the pogoing trenches, releasing this 6-track EP, which includes old faves ‘Warhead’ and ‘I Live In A Car’ plus three new songs and a ‘Warhead’ live video. Still sounding razor sharp, Charlie is ‘Punk as Fuck’ and still means every word. This is the letter ‘W’ in Charlie’s attempt to get to Z with Album titles. He’s nearly there! Long may his punk rock!
Eugene Big Cheese (4/5)
Donny Paycheck's Underground / Sleazegrinder
Featuring five blistering audio tracks and a live video of the title track, UK Subs brand new release is a classic. ‘I Live In A Car’ and ‘Warhead’ are both new versions of familiar tracks from the ‘Subs chart-storming golden era, whilst ‘Straighten Out’ is a more dynamic mix of the b-side from a couple of years ago. Meanwhile, the two new songs ‘Knuckleduster’ and ‘Creation’ sound great and even though these legends of punk have nothing to prove, they still sound as though they’re writing and playing as if their lives depended on it.
Anyone who has followed this band is aware of the revolving door of musicians who have come and gone over the years, but this is the second new release in a row to feature main-stay frontman Charlie Harper plus Jet on guitar, Brian Barnes on bass and Jamie on drums. And what a band they are, bringing the UK Subs sound alive and kicking into the punk n’ roll naughties, whilst maintaining the original simplistic charm of the original sound.
If you like the UK Subs as a live band but find the production of some of the original recordings a bit flat then check this out. Put simply it sounds like we knew the ‘Subs studio recordings always could have and should have, thanks to a great production from Stan Standen from Demented Are Go, who previously worked on the ‘Suns last single and also mastered The Eruptors debut album.
Recommended for old punks and younger rockers alike, whether your first gig was seeing the Sex Pistols at the 100 Club or Backyard Babies at King’s Cross Water Rats, you’re going to enjoy this. High octane, raw power. Crank it up!
Lightnin Alex Lee Hooker III
Rock Tribune #76 (Written in Dutch)
De nieuwe ep van de UK Subs laat ons twee nagelnieuwe songs en enkele bewerkingen van oudere nummers horen. Met 'Knuckleduster' en 'Creation' laten deze punks zich terug van hun beste kant horen en is het duidelijk dat ze nog steeds heel goede muziek kunnen maken. Vooral het snelle 'Knuckleduster' is grandioos en zal ook wel in de smaak vallen bij de fans van een band als Motörhead. Maar de pareltjes op deze ep blijven toch de herwerkte songs en klassiekers 'I Live In A Car', 'Warhead' en 'Straighten Out'. De video van 'Warhead' is een mooi extraatje op deze knappe ep. (PV)
Kerrang! Issue 1221
Back in 1980, the UK Subs released Warhead and it reached number 30 in the UK charts. Recently, it has appeared on Shane Meadows' successful skinhead flick This Is England. As a result, the band have seen fit to record a new version of it as part of this short EP, the new version sounds a lot more polished but still has the rough UK punk edge to it that has made it such a classic song.
Other cuts on the EP are brand new, roping in mates from Sick On The Bus, The Vibrators and Demented Are Go, they show the band still have a raw element to their sound, and have not mellowed with age. It's five songs flying by far too fast, but that's a good thing, right?
Mike Shields (KKKK)
Maximumrocknroll Issue 303
By the sounds of things, the Charlie Harper's got a pretty dynamite lineup for the SUBS right now - the three new tracks on this five-song CD are blistering. Still, with only three new songs and two re-working of old classics (the title track and "I Live In A Car" from the first LP), I can't help thinking this was rushed out to capitalize on the use of "Warhead" on the sound track of last year's skinhead film This is England. I actually resented the way a punk song (by a decidedly anti-Nazi band) was used to mark the film's turn to the dark side as the protagonists drive out to a National Front rally in the countryside, after the first half of the film was dominated by reggae and ska. I never understood why a band would re-record classic material, but all five tracks here sound good, at least. I'd rather have waited a few months to hear a full album of new tracks like the three on here. (AM)
Aardschok #8/9 (Written in Dutch)
Dat verdomde UK Subs is toch ook niet kapot te krijgen! Waarschijnlijk zal zanger Charlie Harper tijdens een optreden het loodje leggen, want die man blijft maar doorgaan. Na het beluisteren van de twee nieuwe songs op deze EP kan ik niet meer wachten op een nieuw album, en ook de nieuwe uitvoeringen van de gouwe oudjes "Warhead" en "I Live In A Car" klinken tijdloos.
Up Magazine #49 (Written in Dutch)
De teller van Charlie Harper staat nu op 64 jaar, maar hij blijft onvermoeibaar punk schreeuwen. "Warhead" is net als "I Live In A Car" een onverwoestbare UK Subskraker van een kleine dertig jaar geleden. Voor deze EP zijn beiden nog een keer opgenomen. Nergens voor nodig, al zullen wellicht sommige groentjes hierdoor in het oude werk gaan spitten. "Straighten Out", B-kant van de laatste single "666 Yeah", is nogmaals door de mixtafel gejaagd. "Creation" en "Knuckleduster" zijn splinternieuw en typisch UK Subs, inclusief kritische noot. Alles is door Demented Are Go-gitarist Stan Standen voorzien van een puike punkproductie. Mooi extraatje: een liveclip van "Warhead", met Tony Barber van de Buzzcocks op bas, zichtbaar tot genoegen van de oude punkbaas. Long live Charlie Harper!
Lucky Rotterdam
Rumba No15/08 (Written in Finnish)
Brittipunk-veteraani UK Subs on ollut tasaisen tuottelias koko 32-vuotisen uransa ajan. Siksi onkin kummallista, että bändi ei ole kyennyt levyttämään edes tämän ep:n verran uusia kappaleita. Nimibiisi Warhead on uusintaversio UK Subsin klassikkokappaleesta vuodelta 1980. Muita uusiokäsittelyn saaneita biisejä ovat keikkasuosikki I Live In A Car sekä parin vuoden takainen Straighten Out. Onneksi ep:ltä löytyy myös kaksi uutta kappaletta. Näistä ykköseksi nousee Creation, joka kuulostaa siltä kuin Discharge soittaisi '77 punkia.
Mervi Vuorela (3/5)
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