"You fucked us over in the year 2000"

CR050 front cover CR050 back cover

  • Above: The Revolution's Here UK CD release, 2000, front and back covers.
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Cat. No: CR050
Combat Rock
14th & 15th June 2000
October/November 2000

Track Listing:

1. Reclaim The Street (Harper)
2. Metro (Harper)
3. Go Home (Harper-Garrat (sic))
4. Something In The Air (John Keene)
5. The Revolution's Here (Harper-Garrat (sic))
6. Party In Paris (Harper)
7. Something In The Air (Dub) (John Keene)

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Nicky Garatt (sic)
Alvin Gibbs

CD release of The Revolution's Here with additional tracks; a re-recording of the bands 1980 single Party in Paris plus a dub version of Thunderclap Newman's Something In The Air.

Caps from Combat Rock got in touch with the site with the following;

"The exact recording dates are: Wednesday the 14th and Thursday the 15 of June
The vinyl version was a limited edition of 1000 copies + 5 test pressings - I've seen it was written that it came out in december but I would say October / November;
The MCD version came out at the same time at 1000 copies first pressing and 300 more copies were repressed in March 2001...
During the recording session Charlie told me that he would like some "french speaking language" in the chorus so , after reading Sir Harper's lyrics, I wrote quicly "Allez descendez tous dans la rue" ... which means ; "All of you go down the street and get back what has been taken away from you"... and with Gilles (Charge 69 singer at the time)   we sang that in Mandala studio ... We also did the backing vocals on "Metro" ...What memories..."

Thanks for that Caps.


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  • Above: CD.

Promo Sheet
  • Above: Dealer info sheet.
    Image courtesy Caps.

Caps & Gilles

  • Above: Caps from Combat Rock & Gilles from Charge 69 do their backing vocals.
    Picture courtesy of Caps

  • Below: Charlie's hand written lyrics.
    Images courtesy of Caps

Reclaim The Streets La Metro Go Home! The Revolution's Here

Party In Paris Lyrics 1 Party In Paris Lyrics 2


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