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Full Book Title: Hell On Wheels - A Tour Stories Compilation
Author: Greg Jacobs
Year Of Publication: 1994
Publishers: Rockpress Publishing
Format: Paperback
Pages: 146pp
ISBN: 0-9627013-3-5
Synopsis of UK Subs content: Just two pages, the first of which has one quote in large typeface, bearing the legend: "We saw him, like, run off the stage holding his bottom..."
The following page carries an 'interview' with Brian Barnes and Matthew McCoy, conducted by the book's author at the Pacific Shores Bar, San Diego, CA, and concerns a rather unsavoury story concerning a certain Mr Harper at a 'show' the UK Subs did in Palm Beach, Florida. Whether the then Subs touring rhythm section are talking a 'load of s##t' is open to question?

  • Below: UK Subs content from Hell On Wheels, pages 141 and 142


From the Mark Chadderton U.K. Subs collection


From the Mark Chadderton U.K. Subs collection


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