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Motivator front cover (Germany) Motivator back cover (Germany)

  • Above: Motivator German release, 1989. Front & back cover. Click to enlarge.

Cat. No: SPV 50-2896
Label: Rebel Records
Recorded: 1988
Released: 1989

A-Side: Motivator (Charlie Harper)
            Combat Zone (Alan Lee, Charlie Harper)

Run-out groove: 50-2896 A

B-Side: Fascist Regime (David Goodman)
            Auld Lang Syne (Trad. Arr. U.K. Subs)
            Cycle Sluts From Hell (Farrelly, Harper)

Run-out groove:  50-2896 B

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Guitar: Alan Lee
Bass: Dave 'Flea' Farrelly
Drums: Matt McCoy


German release on black vinyl, with a more glossy finish to the sleeve, and with the spine print reproduced along the top edge too.


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Germany A-side A-Side Germany B-side B-Side


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