"Fire bombs flashing on Confrontation Street"

PL43507 front cover PL43507 back cover

  • Above: Diminished Responsibility Portugese LP release, 1981, front and back covers.
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Cat. No: PL 43507
Label: RCA
Recorded: September 1980
Released: 1981

Side One:

You Don't Belong (Harper, Garratt) 3.00
So What (Harper, Garratt) 1.42
Confrontation (Harper, Garratt, Roberts) 2.26
Fatal (Harper, Garratt) 2.44
Time And Matter (Harper, Garratt, Gibbs) 2.36
Violent City (Harper, Garratt) 2.37
Too Tired (Harper, Garratt, Roberts) 1.07

Run-out groove: 43507  A

Side Two:

Party In Paris (Harper) 2.55
Gangster (Harper, Gibbs) 1.45
Face The Machine (Harper, Gibbs) 2.53
New Order (Harper, Garratt, Gibbs, Wesson) 2.53
Just Another Jungle (Harper, Garratt, Slack) 2.26
Collision Cult (Harper, Garratt) 3.40

Run-out groove: 43507  B

Line Up

Rhythm Guitar/Vocals: Charlie Harper
Lead Guitar: Nicky Garratt
Bass: Alvin Gibbs
Drums: Steve Roberts
Synthesiser: Mal Wesson
Keyboards: Captain Sensible


Last Portugese release on RCA and, like Brand New Age, featuring a different back cover to all the other releases, this time taken from side of the UK inner sleeve featuring the lyrics. Issued with a plain paper inner sleeve and orange RCA labels (white for the promo copies), the production is credited as by 'Mickey Garratt and Mike Leander'.


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PL43507 Promo Side A Promo Side A PL43507 Promo Side B Promo Side B
PL43507 Side 1 Side 1            PL43507 Side 2 Side 2

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