"What makes you die like flies?"

INT146.900 front cover INT146.900 back cover

  • Above: Endangered Species German LP release, 1982, front and back covers.
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Cat. No: INT 146.900 (NEL 6021)
Label: NEMS/Intercord
Recorded: August/September 1981
Released: 1982

Side One:

Endangered Species (Harper, Garratt) 3.25
Living Dead (Gibbs) 1.40 #
Countdown (Harper, Gibbs) 4.58
Ambition (Harper) 3.41
Lie Down And Die (Harper, Garratt) 2.13
Fear of Girls (Harper, Garratt) 1.58
Down On The Farm (Harper, Gibbs, Garratt) 3.18

Run-out groove: A-7045 A-1/82S I  Made in Germany

Side Two:

Sensitive Boys (Harper, Garratt) 4.10
÷ 8 x 5 (Harper, Garratt) 2.50
Ice Age (Harper, Garratt) 3.37
I Robot (Harper) 2.55
Flesh Wound (Harper, Garratt, Gibbs) 2.53

Run-out groove: A-7045 B-1/82S I  Made in Germany

Line Up

Vocals, Harmonca: Charlie Harper/Alvin Gibbs #
Guitar, Keyboard, Backing Vocals:
Nicky Garratt
Bass, Backing Vocals:
Alvin Gibbs
Drums, Backing Vocals:
Steve Roberts


German release on Intercord. Having lost RCA's distribution capabilities, future international releases would appear on different labels and Intercord would press and distribute the next three Subs albums along with Countdown and the 12" version of Shake Up The City in West Germany.

The record came in a clear plastic inner sleeve with the same insert as the UK release.


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INT146.900 Side 1 Side 1 INT146.900 Side 2 Side 2


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