"The reaper's come to call"

FALL LP018 1987 front cover FALL LP018 1987 back cover

  • Above: Flood of Lies UK LP release, 1987, front and back covers.
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Cat. No: FALL LP018
Recorded: August 1983
Released: 1987

Side One:

Flood Of Lies (Harper, Scarlet) 4.21
Veronique (Harper, Slack) 2.20
Soldiers Of Fortune (Harper, Scarlet) 3.50
Working For The D.B's (Harper) 1.38
Tampa Bay (Harper, Scarlet) 2.21
After The War (Harper, Slack) 3.39

Run-out groove: FALL LP 018 A1 (Sig 3)  UTOPIA  FAB  MPO

Side Two:

Violent Revolution ((Harper, Scarlet) 2.57
In The Red (Harper, Slack) 2.55
Dress Code (Harper, Scarlet) 3.40
Revenge Of The Jelly Devils (Harper, Slack) 2.05
In The Wild (Harper) 3.28
Seas Of Mars (Harper, Slack) 5.08

Run-out groove: FALL LP 018 B1  (Sig3)  UTOPIA  NICE MUSIC FOR NOSHETTES

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Captain Scarlet
Steve Slack
Steve J. Jones


UK re-release on Fall Out/Jungle with completely different sleeve with no reference to Scarlet Records (Apart from on the labels which are identical to the 1983 release).

LP comes in a plain paper sleeve.


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FALL LP018 Side 1 Side 1 FALL LP018 Side 2 Side 2


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