"This song's all about New York"

VAP 35145-25 front cover VAP 35145-25 back cover

  • Above: Gross-Out USA Japanese LP release, 1985, front and back covers.
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Cat. No: VAP 35145-25
Label: VAP
Recorded: Spring 1984
Released: May 1985

Side One:

Emotional Blackmail (Harper, Garratt)
New Barbarians (Harper)
In The Wild (Harper)
Veronique (Harper, Slack)
Flood Of Lies (Harper, Scarlett (sic)
Warhead (Harper, Slack)
Limo Life (Harper, Garratt)

Run-out groove: 35145 - 25 - A - 1

Side Two:

Disease (Harper, Garratt)
Violent Revolution (Harper, Scarlett (sic)
Soldiers Of Fortune (Harper, Scarlett (sic)
Ice Age (Harper, Garratt)
Dress Code (Harper, Scarlett (sic)
Telephone Numbers (Harper, Garratt, Slack, Lions)
Stranglehold (Harper)
You Don't Belong (Harper, Garratt)
Party In Paris (Harper)

Run-out groove: 35145 - 25 - B - 1

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Guitar: Captain Scarlet
Bass: Tezz Roberts
Drums: Pete Davies


Japanese release on VAP and listed as Punks (sic) Not Dead Part 4, part of their British Frontline Series.

Released on black vinyl only, the record comes in a clear plastic inner sleeve with an OBI around the outer cover and single page insert. Featuring a biography in Japanese it has all the lyrics in English and Japanese with some interesting translations; Emotional Blackmail: "There's no survival - into the arrivals, just sink or swim - what a pile of junk I'm in, I can't go home - to me that's just not fair, brass melts with blood - keyholes dance with mud"


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VAP35145-25 A Side Side A            VAP35145-25 Side B Side B


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