U.K. Subs play the Horse & Jockey, Bury, England

Line up:
Charlie Harper – vocals
? – guitar
? – bass
? – drums

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Mark Innes, who played in the support band recalls this gig...

"I was in a band called Nameless in the 90s. We just did punk covers from 76 to 82, and we were from Chorley, about 15 miles away. For our Subs support slot we also laid on a coach for our mates and fans. We got to the venue and set our gear up, and Charlie came up to us and said "who the fuck are you?" I said "your support band Nameless" and he said "I hope you don't do fucking covers!" I replied with the lie "no it's all our own stuff"! And then when we were sound checking I broke a string! I had no spares, and so asked the Subs guitarist if he could lend me one... which he did!
Charlie commented "...that's punk rock not having spare strings". I felt like a cunt!
Anyway, the gig went well for us, lots of punk covers and to take the piss we did Warhead and Tomorrows Girls as our last two songs which went down well with the punters but Charlie was not amused, despite the sound bloke laughing his head off.
At the end of the night we bought the Subs a few pints and all was forgiven, Charlie said we were pretty good but cheeky cunts for doing Subs songs!
I remember he had green dreadlocks at the time, and saw him in the bacon butty shop next morning. We'd slept in our van too pissed to drive home and he was cool as fuck with us so all turned out OK in the end and I'm still a big fan of the Subs..."


Cheers Mark!


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