"This is where life began, this is where it will end"

Restless 722741-1 front cover Restless 722741-1 back cover

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Cat. No: 72274-1
Restless Records
Recorded: 24th September to 7th October 1987
Released: 1987

Side One:

Another Cuba (Harper)
Punk Rap (Harper)
Streets On Fire (Harper)
Captain Scarlet (Barry Green)
Sex Object (Harper)
Japan Inc. (Harper, Barratt)
Warzone (Harper)

Run-out groove: 72274-1-A   G-1  20800  1-1   MASTERED BY CAPITOL

Side Two:

Thunderbird (Tradd) Arranged Harper
Comin' Back (Harper)
Hey! Santa (Kevin Wilson)
Skate Board Billy (Harper)
Surf Bastard (Harper)
Street Legal (Harper)
Angel (Harper, Flea)

Run-out groove: S- 19855   72274-1-B  G-1  O  20800-X  1-1  MASTERED BY CAPITOL

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Darrel Barth/Alan Lee/Knox
Keyboards: Knox
Steve Roberts

Additional Musicians:

Keyboards: Rebecca Kempson
Violin: Steve Foster


One of the few Subs albums to be relesed in America, this release features a slightly revised running order to the UK version and no 'Interview'.

Pressed on black vinyl only it came in a plastic inner sleeve featuring information about Restless Records, previous releases etc...

The Japanese text across the bottom the sleeve reads: 'Tomorrow The World'


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Spot the Crass patch

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From the Mark Chadderton U.K. Subs collection


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