"Rooms splashed with blood"

MUFP-531 front cover MUFP-531 back cover

  • Above: Recorded New Zealand LP release, 1982, front and back covers.
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Cat. No: MUFP-531
Music World
1979 - 1982

Side One:

Emotional Blackmail (Harper/Garratt) *
Too Tired (Harper/Garratt/Gibbs) $
Scum Of The Earth (Harper/Garratt) *
Live In A Car (Harper/Garratt/Slack/Lyons) *
Kicks (Harper/Garratt) *
Warhead (Harper/Slack) *
Left For Dead (Harper/Garratt) *
B.I.C. (sic) (Harper/Garratt) *
Telephone NO (sic) (Harper/Garratt/Slack/Lyons) *
Public Servant (Harper/Garratt) *

Run-out groove: MUFP 531 A

Side Two:

Keep On Running (Harper/Gibbs) $
Tomorrows Girls (Harper) *
You Don't Belong (Harper/Garratt) $
Time And Matter (Harper/Garratt/Gibbs) $
C.I.D. (Harper/Anderson) *
Party In Paris (Harper) $
Ice Age (Harper/Garratt) $
Strangle Hold (sic) (Harper) *
Teenage (Harper) *
New York State Police (Harper/Garratt/Slack) *

Run-out groove: MUFP 531 B

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Nick (sic) Garratt
Paul Slack */Alvin Gibbs $
Pete Davis (sic) */ Steve Roberts $

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MUFP-531 Side One Side 1 MUFP-531 Side Two Side 2


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