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Z62CHEVYCD front cover Z62CHEVYCD back cover

  • Above: Normal Service Resumed Australian CD release, 1993, front and back covers.
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Zeus Records
Recorded: 26th - 31st March 1993
Released: 1993

Track Listing:

Mohawk Radio (Harper/Davies/Barnes)
Jodie Foster (Harper/Campbell/Barnes)
Here Comes Alex (Hier Komm Alex) (Die Toten Hosen)
Ozone Death (Harper)
Strangeways (Harper)
Joyride (Harper)
Brixton (Harper/Barnes)
Dumfux (Harper/Campbell)
Killertime (Harper/Barnes)
Believe In Yourself (Barnes)
All The People (Barnes)
Space Patrol (Barnes/Davies)
Reaper (Harper)
Squat The World (Harper/Davies/Campbell/Barnes)
Ballifs (Harper/Barnes)
Down On The Farm (Harper/Gibbs/Garrett (sic))
Lydia (Harper/Barnes)

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Alan Campbell
Bass/Keys/Acoustic Guitar/Vocals:
Brian Barnes
Pete Davies


10th studio album and first one to feature Alan Campbell on Guitar.

Different running order to LP release with two additional tracks (Same as cassette release)

Limited Edition of 5000 came with bonus CD Live In Croatia

Pete Davies told T&M the following about this release:
'Space Patrol' was left off the LP but appears on the CD release. It is a Barnes/Davies track, which Bri sings on. Silly little song really, but i quite like it...
...during the session for that album Bri and I recorded another track, on acoustic guitar and snare drum, which we and Charlie liked but Alan Hauser at Jungle Records thought it was not a 'Subs' track.
It had working titles of both 'Geurnica' and 'Da Puta Madre Waltz'... I think that means 'mother fucker'..."

BELOW: Pete during the recording session for Normal Service Resumed. Click to enlarge

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Z62CHEVYCD disc one Z62CHEVYCD disc 2

  • Above: Discs one and two.


London Punx

  • Above: Original line-up picture used for the back cover
    (L-R: Charlie Harper/Alan Campbell/Pete Davies/Brian Barnes)


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