U.K. Subs play The Limit Club, Sheffield, England

Line up:
Charlie Harper - vocals
Nicky Garratt - guitar
Paul Slack - bass
Pete Davies / Ian Tansley (2nd show Sub for Pete - see story below) - drums


From the Rob Cook U.K. Subs collection


  • Above: Music press ad, Sounds, 3 May 1980, Page 56. Click to enlarge.

Ian (Tanner) Tansley, the drummer with Liquid Stone, who supported the Subs recalls:


"I had to sub for Pete Davies once, so technically this makes me eligable to go onto the ex-band members list! There were two shows in one day in Sheffield, which was a bit much for Pete who was suffering with flu - he wasn't best happy when we did a sound check using his drum kit and I had put my snare on his stand!
Anyway, Pete started the set but couldn't go on so I got a call from the dressing room (having already completed our set) to join the Subs on stage - I remember very well doing Stranglehold with them - a very powerful number and it struck me that the sound mixing and lighting for the Subs was loads better than we were getting!"


Cheers to Ian for contacting T&M, he has also submitted some memorabilia from his time touring with the Subs. For example, see HERE


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