U.K. Subs play the Yardbirds Club in Grimsby, England
Line up:
Charlie Harper – vocals
Jet  – guitar
Alvin Gibbs – bass
Jamie Oliver – drums



Mark Leighton reviews this gig:


The drive from Hull across the Humber Bridge to Grimsby took about 50 minutes and accompanying me on the trip were Andy, Dave, and Tony. It was a really warm sunny night and we were all looking forward to the show. It was the first time I had been to the Yardbirds Club but the three navigators ensured we got there in good time, even to catch a bit of the support.

Interestingly, the last band I had seen in Grimsby was Chelsea back in 1979, at the Drill Hall, where I recall Gene October rewarding me and two mates with a £1 note each for loading the kit into the van after the show!

Yardbirds is good venue with a smallish stage allowing the audience to get close to the action. Someone said it was managed by a gang of Hells Angels and, as there were some meaty, ‘Lemmy’ like guys, knocking around, we were all on best behaviour.

As usual, it was a great show and I suppose I should mention that Andy correctly predicted all songs from the encore. On the way home it was one of those “where were you moments” with Dave’s partner calling him to report Michael Jackson was dead…

Ticket and picture below from Mark Leighton's collection.
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