U.K. Subs play The Castle, Tooting, London

Line up:
Charlie Harper – vocals
Rob Harper – guitar 
Steve Slack – bass
??? – drums


Route 66
I Got My Mojo Working

From the Peter DC collectionFrom the Peter DC collection

  • Above: Sounds music press gig review from 27 August 1977. Note that this date (19/8/77) may be wrong as the review is from a week later. It may be that the gig review is from 12/8/77, as it would have taken one to two weeks for the review to appear. The review mentions it being a Friday, and Richard Anderson had just left. The Subs drummer is un-named, but also drummed for the support band Suspects, of which other members were, according to the reporter, former members of the Subs. 
  • Rob Harper had this to say about the review when contacted about it in May 2015:

    "I remember the Suspects' performance of 'Pretty Woman' because I was watching and cringed at the wrong chords!... and was later amused to read the review in which their rendition was dignified as "hilariously irreverent"! I just thought it was incompetent... I've remembered the 'irreverent' phrase ever since. So, obviously I wasn't drumming with the Suspects at that point... if the same drummer played in both bands it must've been me playing guitar with the Subs..."

    Rob was also quizzed about the reference in the review to the song 'Phonies' in the Subs set, which was one of the three Dazzlers singles released by that fabulous power-pop 'new wave' band which featured both Rob Harper and Steve Slack...

    "...as for 'Phonies', it was the first Dazzlers song I wrote so maybe we were playing it... but I have no recollection of it in the Subs context and don't remember Charlie learning it!  Steve and I would've known the song, but who sung it? not me... maybe Keith was there and got up to sing it?"
  • Below: Enlarged version of above. Thanks to Peter DC for sending us the cutting.

From the Peter DC collection
From the Peter DC collection
From the Peter DC collection
From the Peter DC collection


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