U.K. Subs play the Music Machine in London, England.

Line up:
Charlie Harper - vocals
Nicky Garratt - guitar
Alvin Gibbs - bass 
Steve Roberts - drums

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  • Above: Gig ticket
    Image taken from Ebay auction October 2016


First official date with new rhythm section (see press cutting below).

Support from Citizens and Straps.


(Bootleg download here)


Set List


01. Emotional Blackmail
02. You Don't Belong
03. Confrontation Street
04. New Order
05. I Couldn't Be You
06. Tomorrow's Girls
07. Left For Dead
08. Warhead
09. Public Servant
10. Kicks
11. Fall Of The Empire
12. Rat Race
13. New York State Police
14. Teenage
15. Crash Course
16. C.I.D.


Thank you to Cat from Watford for the list.

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Subs resurface (unknown origin)

  • Above: Press cutting announcing new line-up live debut, Sounds, 26th July 1980.

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  • Above: Gig advert, unknown origin


Gig adverts in Sounds and Melody Maker on 9th of August 1980.



Harper, Roberts, Gibbs & Garratt - click image to enlarge


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