U.K. Subs play the Ajanta Club in Derby, England



Line up:
Charlie Harper - vocals
Nicky Garratt - guitar
Paul Slack - bass

Pete Davies - drums




U.K. Subs, 1979: Garratt, Davies, Slack, Harper



Ed Thomas provides some further information regarding this gig:

"I'm pretty sure that the support band at the 20 September 1979 Gig at the Ajanta Club in Derby was local band Anti Pasti. Their singer, Martin Roper, also used to follow the band around with us at that time. Anti Pasti's Wikipedia entry states: "They [Anti Pasti] played many gigs in and around Derby, most notably The Cosmo Club and The Ajanta and soon built up a large local following supporting bands such as The Clash and U.K. Subs."

Cheers Ed...

Ed also supplied us with the following memories he has of the Subs - you can see his other memories for specific dates by doing a search for 'Ed Thomas' on this site...

Beyond what I've already let you know, I can't remember much detail about most of the gigs I attended. I went to lots of gigs around that time and details have become a bit hazy. I used to have loads of press cuttings, etc from the music papers about the band but sadly these have disappeared over time. Some of the people I remember following the band at that time were Mark and Julian (both from London), Viking, Kevin "Endo" Henderson (from the Filth), Martin Roper (singer with Anti Pasti), Monkey (from Middlesbrough), and Michael Bridgewater, Steven Kilner, Gaz "Skunk" Pickles, Sykes and me (all from Huddersfield). Some trivial details I can remember include:

-Getting arrested after the 29 September 1979 gig at Bradford St George's Hall after we got into a fight with some mods. The mods weren't arrested and we were weren't charged.

-Getting physically thrown out of Retford Porterhouse at the 26 October 1979 gig for writing graffiti on the toilet walls.

-Several of us set off walking to Scotland through the night after the 5 April 1980 gig at Middlesbrough Rock Garden so we could get to the next gig at Dumfries on time (we were skint!)

-The day after the 11 April 1980 gig  at Grangemouth, me and Viking started hitching a lift down to Aylesbury for the next gig. A driver stopped and offered one of us a lift - he wouldn't take us both. We flipped a coin and I won. The driver was heading for London and gave me a lift from Scotland all the way down to Aylesbury. Result! I didn't see Viking at the gig, so assumed he didn't get a lift.





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From the editors' U.K. Subs collections 

  • Above: Music Press Advert from Record Mirror 29.9.79

From the editors' U.K. Subs collections

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