U.K. Subs play the Wellington Club in Hull, England

Line up:
Charlie Harper - vocals
Nicky Garratt - guitar
Alvin Gibbs - bass 
Steve Roberts - drums


Garratt, Gibbs, Roberts & Harper - click image to enlarge

  • Below: Tour itinerary front cover, belonging to Chutch, photographed by Paul Mileman
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Itinerary cover

  • Below: Inside pages of the above itinerary, scanned from Nicky Garratt's copy
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From Nicky Garratt's collection


From Nicky Garratt's collection


  • Graham Jackson, from Brighton, UK got in touch to share his memories of this gig:

"I was browsing the net and came across the new official Subs site and the gig lists n stuff, and thought you might like to have some info about the above show. It may not be what you're looking for or detailed enough but here it is, for what it's worth.
I've had a few opportunities to see the Subs again, especially in recent years, but for one reason or another haven't gone, despite those first few LPs still being among my favourite punk records ever,so this Hull show is the only time I've ever seen the band - my second ever "proper" gig ( the first being The Damned at Hull City Hall in December 79 ). I was 16 at the time so lied about my age to get in so that's a great memory in itself.
On the back of my half ticket (torn in two at the entrance) I wrote down as many songs as I could remember. Not in order I'm afraid, but written down either when I got back or the day after, so I'm pretty sure it's accurate. Here they are: CID / I COULDN'T BE YOU / LIVE IN A CAR / TOMORROW'S GIRLS / KILLER / ROCKERS / CRASH COURSE / STRANGLEHOLD / PUBLIC SERVANT / WARHEAD / RAT RACE / EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL / KICKS / TEENAGE / NY STATE POLICE / LEFT FOR DEAD / PARTY IN PARIS. I know for a fact that Emotional Blackmail was the first song of the night and in addition there were a few (2 or 3?) new songs which probably turned up on "Diminished Responsibility" a few months later. I have always wanted to know what those songs were! At the time, only Party In Paris was out as the advance single.
Main memories are of Nicky Garratt leaping about for pretty much the whole gig and taking his guitar repeatedly to the stage's frame ( or something ) above his head at the front, at some point bringing bits of it down ! Steve Roberts' energetic drumming, which must've been pretty great as I don't usually pay much attention to drummers, and Charlie at one point putting on a guitar which he held up for us to see as it had an L plate stuck on it! I'm pretty sure he played it for maybe a couple of songs, and those might have been the new ones I didn't know. The whole thing was fantastic and remains a brilliant memory. I really can't believe it's coming up to 30 years ago....."

(1st September 2010)


  • Cheers Graham - we really appreciate your contribution to our archiveSmile



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