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Gig advert

  • Above: Gig advert, image taken from ebay auction, October 2012

Gig advert

  • Above: Gig advert, NME.
    Image taken from ebay auction March 2013


Image taken from Heart of a Punk - Soul of a Rasta Fanzine - cheers!

Sounds, page 42.


Thanks to Heart of a Punk - Soul of a Rasta Fanzine for the cutting


Heart of a Punk - Soul of a Rasta Fanzine homepage here


Original cutting (Issue 443 December 2009) here

Time & Matter website 'review' appeared as follows:

UK Subs
O2 Academy Birmingham 22nd November 2009

Now I didn't go to this gig John the Bigot went.
So where's his review of the gig I hear no one ask?


Well this is what happened; we got an email from some wonderfully clever buggers at asking us to mention their wonderfully new UK Subs website and to ask "anyone stupid enough to be reading this rubbish we put out" to visit their new SUBS site and contribute whatever possible to it.

Well John decided to contribute his review of the Birmingham gig, but the guys from emailed back saying:

"I've read your review John and unfortunately it falls well below the lowest criteria we could possibly set for any contribution to our website. I suggest you stop writing your sad, parochial and tediously boring Fanzine and take up a much more useful pastime like train spotting. Please don't contact us again you're just embarrassing yourself"

Well fair play they'd got us banged to rights, apparently. Funny though, it's exactly what Chris Wade said about us too (see Hugh Cornwell bit).

So to fill the space I'm going to shove in a picture of Charlie from when he was old, but not as old as today.

Remember go to and contribute!