"The past was an omen now the future's a curse"

RCLP20157 front cover RCLP20157 back cover

  • Above: Brand New Age Greek LP release, 1980, front and back covers.
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Cat. No: RCLP 20157
RCA Victor
January 1980


Side One:

You Can't Take It Anymore (Harper, Garratt, Slack, Davies) 1.59
Brand New Age (Harper, Garratt) 1.32
Public Servant (Harper, Garratt) 2.15
Warhead (Harper, Slack) 3.20
Barbie's Dead (Harper, Slack) 2.19
Organised Crime (Harper, Garratt) 2.06
Rat Race (Harper, Garratt) 1.58

Run-out groove: PL  43206  A  F

Side Two:

Emotional Blackmail (Harper, Garratt) 2.44
Kicks (Harper, Garratt) 1.51
Teenage (Harper) 2.31
Dirty Girls (Harper, Garratt) 1.48
500cc (Harper, Garratt, Slack) 2.15
Bomb Factory (Harper, Garratt) 2.11
Emotional Blackmail II (Harper, Garratt) 1.08

Run-out groove: PL  43206  B

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Guitar: Nicky Garratt
Bass: Paul Slack
Drums: Pete Davies

Greek release with orange RCA labels and plain paper inner sleeve.Distributed by Minos Matsas & Son Co. Ltd.

A unique cover (all the Greek releases are the same) in so much as the front has a glossy laminted look and the back has a matt finish with a half inch strip of overlap gloss from the front. It is also a slimmer sleeve to the other versions with no spine on the edges


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RCLP20157SideA Side A RCLP20157 Side B Side B


Test pressing on Ebay

  • Above: Test pressing sells on Ebay for $405.00 (£253.11), 13th February 2011
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