"The C.I.D are not here"


  • Above: The Borderline UK CD release, 2002.
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Cat. No: AHOY CD 204B
Label: Captain Oi
Recorded: 22nd December 2000
Released: June 2002

Track Listing:

C.I.D (Harper/Anderson)
I Couldn't Be You (Harper/Presley)
I Live In A Car (Harper/Garratt/Slack/Lyons)
Emotional Blackmail (Harper/Garratt)
Endangered Species (Harper/Garratt)
Organised Crime (Harper/Garratt)
Tomorrow's Girls (Harper)
Teenage (Harper/Garratt) (sic)
Party In Paris (Harper)
Crash Course (Harper/Garratt/McCoy)
Warhead (Harper/Slack)
Riot (Harper/Butler)
Stranglehold (Harper)
Limo Life (Harper/Garratt)
New York State Police (Harper/Garratt/Slack)
Punk Rock (UK Subs)

Line Up

Vocals: Charlie Harper
Guitar: Alan Campbell
Guitar: Rankin' Simon (sic)
Bass: Brian Barnes
Drums: Pumpy


Limited edition included with the initial CD run of Universal.

Recorded at the Borderline in London.

A bootleg version had been available before this recording was officially released.


Mandy Hart very kindly emailed us with the following:

"A little info on how this recording came about. I arrived at the gig early the band were still sound checking, I was on the guest list. When I arrived I had a chat to the guy on the desk. He agreed to record the gig for me if I could provide some tapes. So I went out of the venue and found a music shop just round the corner luckily and got the tapes. A few weeks later I knew a guy in Oxford who put the recording on to cd for me. I produced the cover from pictures I had taken and put a very limited edition out when I was running the UK Subs website. I sent Charlie a copy who in turn gave it to captain oi! This is the funny part they sent it back to the same guy in Oxford to remaster it who had put it on cd for me on the first place. The rest is history and it was released with universal."

Thank you Mandy! >:o)


Gig ad

  • Above: Advert for the gig, Mojo, January 2001.
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