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U.K. Subs 1979 'Crew' by Nicky Garratt

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From the Nicky Garratt collection

  • Above: Dave Fullbrook was the Subs' first permanent roadie and he dates back with the U.K. Subs to at least mid 1977. This photo is from 1979.

From the Nicky Garratt collection

  • Above: Greg Price was our tour manager. This photo from 1979.

From Nicky Garratt's collection

  • Our great 1979 crew, left to right: Al Martin (Backline), Chutch (Backline),
    Mike 'The Lights' (Lights), Dave 'Dad' Leaper (Sound). This was actually supermusic PA hire, (except Mike), but became our crew because they were almost on permanent hire to us. Dave's label also put out the 'Backstage Pass' album.