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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

UK SUBS - Work In Progress *A Review*

How the fuck does Charlie Harper do it? After over 30 years with the UK Subs and they turn out an album that brings the past into the future but making it something of the present.
Work In Progress is their 23rd release, and it certainly isn’t a work in progress, it’s the fully finished article, a noughties punk rock classic , that will not only please die hard fans, but has the potential to win over a new bunch of subversive yoof! Classic Subs Guitar sound, with a twist in places, sing along anthemic choruses, and tunes more catchy than a dose of winter flu. What a way to start the new year….a dose of good old honest rock’n’roll.

If you’d like a more detailed track by track review, take a trip to Time and Matter the best on-line resource for all things UK Subs. Thanx to the guys there for passing on the album for me to review.

Song samples are now available to listen to at Amazon, where it’ll also be available to download from Jan 10th. But far better to buy an actual physical CD copy from the good folk at Captain Oi.
Last year it was The Vibrators Under The Radar, this year it’s the UK Subs.
I hope we don’t have to wait a year to hear Charlie and Knox’s Urban Dogs acoustic album.