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Captain Oi! Newsletter
  January 2011
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Just a quick note to let you know that we're discontinuing our current Picture Disc vinyl range. We said they were limited and out of the 22 titles we released, 10 have already SOLD OUT and have been deleted. We've got 12 titles left and once they're gone they're gone. This is the last chance to pick up these titles.
To help with the post Christmas struggle we're also reducing the price to £7.99 INCLUDING delivery to the UK
Titles that are available are:
Be quick though as this will only last another week or so.....
Continuing the the vinyl theme, we've just stocked up on the recent vinyl re-issues by MADNESS and have REDUCED THE PRICE.
Size 12 Records re-issued the first 3 Madness albums and we've now dropped the price to just £19.95 including delivery to the UK. These are super DELUXE releases.
  • Double 10" Virgin Vinyl
  • Gatefold Sleeve (containing stunning artwork of many rare and collectable 7" single sleeves)
  • 2 x Inner Bags (reproduction of the original plus collages of rare memorabillia from the relevant era)
  • 2 x Lyric Inserts
  • Sides 1 - 3 have the original album. Side 4 contains all the relevant B Sides.
Finally the latest dates from the UK SUBS are in. Catch them playing songs from their new album (which is flying out and getting EXCELLENT reviews - do yourself a favour a pick up a copy if you haven't already!)
9TH       Big Band Café, Caen                          France
10th     Glazart, Paris                                     France
11th      Atelier Des Moles, Montbeliard         France
12th      Sedel, Luzern                                       Switzerland
13th      Magazzino, Brescia                             Italy
15th      Circolo Degli Artist, Rome                  Italy
16th      Sottotetto, Bologna                             Italy
17th      Pieffe Factory, Gorizia,                       Italy
18th      Feierwerk, Munchen                           Germany
19th      L’Autre Canal, Nancy                          France
20th      Kofmel, Solothum                               Switzerland
22nd      Rohre, Sttugart                                   Germany
23rd      D Karlsruhe, Mannheim                     Germany
24th      SO 36, Berlin                                       Germany
25th      Fabrik, Hamburg                                 Germany
27th      Ucho, Gdynia                                       Poland
1st        PL, Lodz, Warsaw                                Poland
3rd        Lucerna Music Bar, Prague                Czech Republic
7th        Arena, Vienna                                     Austria
8th        Randall Club, Bratislava                     Slovakia
9th        Schweinfurt, Nuurnberg                     Germany
15th      Stone, Dusseldorf                                Germany
16TH     Zeche Carl, Essen                                Germany
20th      Spring Offensive Festival, Leeds         England
29TH     The Frontier, Batley                            England
30th      The Studio, Widnes                             England
1ST        Melkweg, Rebellion Festival, Amsterdam      Holland
6th        Ivory Blacks, Glasgow                         Scotland
7th        Café Drummonds, Aberdeen              Scotland
13th      The Bitter End, Romford                     England
14th      Bearded Theory Festival, Derby         England
20th      Red Lion, Stoke                                   England
21st      The Fleece, Bristol                              England
27th      Strummer Camp, Rugby Club, Manchester   England
4th        The Castle, Isle Of Sheppy                  England
9th        Trillians, Newcastle                            England
10th      Pleasure Island, Cleethorpes              England
11th      Piper Club, Hull                                   England
16th      Rios, Bradford                                     England
18th      The Duchess, York                               England
24th      The Road House, Lydney                     England
25th      WM Club, Hugglescote, Coalville       England
1ST        Champions, Bournemouth                  England          
2nd        Redhill Football Club, Redhill             England
9th        Moho, Manchester                             England
20th      Pavillion, Belfast                                 N.Ireland
21st      Harrissons, Dundalk                            N.Ireland
22nd      Fibbers Magee, Dublin                       Eire
23rd      An Cruiscin Lan, Cork                     Eire                                                                                                          
Until next time - All the best & keep the faith
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