The superb ubberrock website gives the Subs a glowing review for their 7 August 2011 Rebellion gig:


U.K. Subs extract is archived below:

With barely enough time for a gentleman's wash it was back into the Empress Ballroom for a band that live on the road and have never disappointed. Regardless of who's playing in the band and where they've played and the many times I've caught them live the UK Subs always deliver. If everything living in the world was wiped out tomorrow I'd still expect the UK Subs to fulfil any live obligations they had booked, they embody everything that Punk Rock stands for. With songs from the mightily impressive 'Work In Progress' album being worked into the set you wonder what has to go to make way and is there enough time in their set to do the back catalogue justice? 


Charlie at RebellionA reworked 'Endangered Species' opens things up as Alvin Gibbs struts his stuff and puts in one of the most impressive performances of the weekend by far managing to hold down the bass lines for some of the weekend's best music, whilst slipping around the stage like a bass playing salamander. The line up featuring Gibbs, Harper, Jamie Oliver on drums and Jet slinging round the Gibson Junior has to be my favourite line up of the band, and I still get excited when they hit the stage. This is no nostalgia trip or retro 'best of' though this is a working band beating out a set that pleases fans both old and new and the quality never ever dips!  Charlie has been on site working the merch stall all weekend chatting and hanging out but as soon as he hits the stage tonight his performance is that of someone half his age would be proud of, and for any up and coming band watching they could learn hell of a lot from these guys.


Off the new album we get the blistering 'Creation' and the Gibbs penned  'Hell Is Other People'. There is a furious 'Born A Rocker' and the band are absolutely motoring by now, with the already roasting hot Empress getting even hotter as they slay the Rebellion crowd with the Guns N' Roses cover 'Down On The Farm' (I'm only joking of course Guns N' Roses could only dream they had penned such a beast of a song).  By the time they reach 'Warhead' the clock is ticking and their hour or so is almost up.  This is what these festivals are all about though as when you get a band so good who gives a fuck about what they do next?  With the UK Subs though you do have to wonder why they aren't headlining these kinds of events, and having already released such a strong album this year and now turning in a killer live performance it's time for them to get back on stage headliners or not, for the best encore of the whole festival a 1,2,3 that goes unmatched by any band on any night so far, 'C.I.D' followed by 'I Live In A Car' rounded off with 'Limo Life'.  A beaming Charlie Harper has Rebellion eating out of the palm of his hand. First class stuff and worth the admission alone, yes folks once again the UK Subs deliver the goods.